Types of Shelving For Your Shop

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The type of shelving used in your shop is extremely important because they serve as a window for the customers to see your products which must be showcased in the best way possible to attract more patronage to your goods.

The type of shelve is not only about sales, but it must be adaptable, durable, affordable and suitable for the very purpose it is meant for. Moreover, each product requires a different type of shelve for it to be properly displayed.

The types of Shop shelving Sydney include pegboard shelving, wall shelving, end bays, freestanding shelving, magazine shelving and much more. 

  • Pegboard Shelving

This is one of the most popular Shop Shelving Sydney. The shelves consist of a base and a panel which is perforated at the back. Hooks are often used to create spaces for the hanging of the displayed items. They come in different shapes and types and is designed to suit the products in your shop.

  • The End Bays

This is also known as promo end bays. If you want to display your items in a rather traditional manner and your customers are the type that expects the sale or clearance products; then this shop shelving is for you. The promo end bays are at right angles from the termination of the shelving run and it is a bit different from the end bays because the back panels that prevent the items from falling. You will appreciate the neat appearance of your items as they can be easily assessed by the customers.

  • Wall shelving

As the name implies, the shelves are stacked to the walls of the shop. It is more suitable for retail bookshops where a large stock of books can be displayed. It is both traditional and economical because it creates multiple shelves and storage space for a variety of items. The wall shelving is also suitable for big and heavy objects. They do not just make your shop to exude that good look, but they are strong and reliable. When your main aim is storage and space, then this is the shelving for you.


  • The Magazine Shelving


The magazine shelving is mostly used in bookstores where readable materials can be displayed to the view of the customer. If your interest is to sell storybooks or magazines with attractive cover pages, then magazine shelving is for you.

  • The Freestanding shelving

The freestanding shelving is suitable for shops that are selling various types of items. They can be made from steel or wood. The ones that are made from steel are usually expensive but are more durable than the wood shelving. Some of them come with rollers for it to be shifted easily from one position to another.

Other types of shop shelving in Sydney include refrigerated shelving, stack wire baskets, and dump bins. 

  • Refrigerated shelving

This shelving is mostly used in food stores. They are to display the refrigerated foods and they also come with glass windows for customers to have a view of the food items they are to buy. Most of them are made of steel and have proven to be very durable.

  • Stacking wire baskets

They are made of stainless steel which makes it be rust free. They are often used to transport the items from one point to another.

  • Dump bins

You may be surprised that dump bins appear on the list; yes, they are often placed on the corridors to display other small items to the customers.