Battery Of The Garage Door Remotes In Sydney Is The Common Culprit For Reduced Performance

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When you find that your garage door remote is not functioning properly then the most effective and significant troubleshooting is to check the battery.

Most of the time it is found that the primary and only culprit that reduces the functionality of garage door remotes in Sydney.

You may have the optimal functionality of your garage door remote restored when you replace the battery. Make sure that you replace it with a battery that is genuine and is of recommended size and specification.

Different models of garage door remotes will need batteries of different configurations or else it will not function properly. 

Dealing with the batteries

To deal with the batteries of your garage door remotes in Sydney you will first have to locate the battery compartment door.

This is on the flip side of your remote where you will find a small indention at the bottom. Push it with your fingernail if you can or use a small screwdriver or a coin if it is jammed.

Pull the door up while you push it in to have clear access to the battery in the compartment.

  • Check battery orientation as per the guide on the inside of the compartment. Most people make a very common mistake here while installing the battery making the orientation and flow of the current erroneous.
  • You will see a “+” and “-“sign on the inside of the battery cover that will show how the battery is supposed to be installed.
  • If it is incorrect then remove the battery. Flip it over and reinstall it to see if the remote now working properly.
  • There may be visible corrosion on the battery contacts as well which has always been an issue common for all types of garage remotes.
  • Corrosion prevents the battery from making good contact rendering the remote unusable.
  • Therefore, if you see any sign of corrosion at the battery contacts inside your battery compartment you will have to scrape it off using a razor blade or a small flat head screwdriver. 
  • You may have to adjust the battery contacts as well after cleaning it properly by pinching it together or bending the contacts inwards to ensure a perfect and snug fit of the battery.
  • These contacts may even spread on their own over time, therefore, making loose contact. 

These steps will solve the most intermittent problems with the remote.

Replacing the battery of the Garage Remote Door

After you have tried all of the tips above and still find that the remote does not work, you may have to replace the battery altogether.

You may even find the garage door remote not working even after you have replaced the battery.

This may be due to the issue in the remote buttons that may have become a bit spongy over time and due to usage. 

In such situations, the buttons will break down when you use them and will no longer activate your garage door opener when you press it hard.

A worn-out button will offer no resistance and will even collapse when it is pressed signalling a change of remote.