What is the Peak Duration of Exposure to Sunlight needed for a Solar Panel to Work Efficiently

Amidst various speculations and challenges, the fate of renewable sources of energy has been transforming gradually. With the majority of people relying on non-conventional sources, the companies associated with the production, supply, and installation of the parts of the devices are ensuring that these units hold the maximum efficiency. Therefore, right from maintaining the quality to precise installation comes into play.

As far as solar energy is concerned, several factors define the working efficiency of the solar panel. The factors are-

  • The Presence of the Cloud
  • The Intensity of the Sun
  • The Relative Humidity
  • The Intensity of the Heat Build-up

However, as far as the peak duration of exposure to sunlight needed for a solar panel to work at an optimum rate is concerned, it mostly depends on the quality of the semi-conductors and the mirrors. These two elements play a crucial role in maximizing the light to reach them.

Working of the Solar Panels

The solar panels need direct sunlight to produce the maximum solar energy or output. Even though there is a cloudy situation, the solar panels have the capability to absorb the energy but at a reduced rate as compared to the sunny days.

Specifications for Apt Installation

According to the experts who deal with the installation of Kirloskar solar panel, in order to get the maximum sun’s heat, it needs to be kept in mind that there must not be any shade because of the trees or nearby tall buildings. In addition to that, the solar panels need to installed facing the south. Consulting a solar professional would help in getting the right calculation about the amount of sun’s heat the solar panels will be getting throughout the day.

What is the Peak Duration of Sunlight?

Undoubtedly, the amount of sun’s energy or ray a panel is getting plays a crucial role. To ensure that the solar panels get the optimum heat, peak sun-hours should be taken into consideration. It is the amount of solar energy that is available in the area during a particular period of the day. It is true that radiation does not remain the same throughout the day; therefore, the other three criteria are crucial for consideration-

  • Season of the year
  • Time of the Day, and
  • The geographic location of the place

Peak Duration of Exposure – Estimation

Keeping all these factors in mind, the peak duration of exposure varies according to the place. A professional installing Kirloskar solar panel believes that if all the conditions (solar panel orientation and tilt, solar tracker) remain favourable, then exposure of 3-5 hours is sufficient to ensure that the solar panel works efficiently. According to the experts, a perfectly aligned solar panel can produce approximately 30% more energy than the other ones.


Solar energy is going to be the energy for the future because of its availability is abundant. Proper installation and maintenance are going to increase the conversion efficiency for sure.