4 Ways To Keep Your Tiled Flooring Safe With Better Longevity

Tile Maintenance

While there are multiple flooring options that people choose from, opting for tiles is something convenient and reasonable for several. Simply making a choice on the type of tiles from the stores for cheap prices and installing them in place gives you tiled flooring that adds to the aesthetics.

While tiled floors do not require much of maintenance, there is a need for you look into a few things that can cause possible damage to the tiles permanently. Knowingly or unknowingly, you encounter cases at times that lead to damage of your tiles while having to replace them sooner or later.

When it comes to tile maintenance and care, here is what you need to keep in mind and follow the precautions strictly.

Use Chemical Free Floor Cleaners

There are multiple floor cleaners out there that contain acid and bleach in them to allow the floors to get that clear and bright shine. When you use such cleaning liquids for your tiles, you tend to damage it slowly. Dealers for cheap tiles in Brisbane say that even though it may look clean after use, the chemical is absorbed into the tiles while making it brittle with time. Chemical infused floor cleaners can also make the tiles lose their lustre and shine. Therefore, whenever you are out buying chemical-free floor cleaners, you contribute to a better planet. Rather than damaging the floors.

Attend To Pet Urine Immediately

Pet urine is generally acidic, and that is the reason why it should be wiped off whenever you spot them. Tiles and grout being porous in nature absorbs it all and leaves a permanent stain. Therefore, clean up whenever you spot something and ensure that it is wiped off completely. Using a natural cleaner would disinfect the floor while preventing any damage to the tiles.

Avoid Dragging Furniture

There are times when heavy furniture moved from one place to the other involves dragging. When that happens, the tiles tend to get scratched or stained permanently. Nails or sharp metal underneath the furniture can cause extensive damage especially when it is dragged for a long time. Seller for cheap tiles in Gold Coast suggests to always lift the furniture when moving it or considering using a soft cushion underneath the legs to prevent scratches. This keeps your tiles protected as well as protects your furniture.

Apply Sealants

Not always can you be around monitoring the floor and protecting your tiles. Dealers for tiles in Gold Coast agree that the best way to do it is to apply sealants on the floors. Whether you do it yourself or allow professionals to help you, your floors stay protected from extensive damage. With time, the sealants wear off but you can always re-apply it as and when required. Applying sealants on the grout is more important as they tend to be exposed to dirt and mould formation which is difficult to get rid of due to the porous nature.

Those selling cheap tiles in Gold Coast agree to the fact that tiles add to the aesthetics while also making you have to care for it and maintain its condition. With proper care, there is better longevity and you getting to own it for long.