A Quick Discourse On How Sugar Leads To Oral Problems

There is sugar in almost everything that we eat or drink. You eat a slice of cake or drink a glass of canned juice; there is sugar. With health risks as that of obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar levels, osteoporosis, and others, sugar gets to contribute in a major way.

Apart from that, sugar also leads to tooth decay and cause complicated dental problems while attacking children first. The pennant hills dentist agrees that sucking on a lollipop or probably drinking aerated beverages at a birthday party, the sugar stays behind in the mouth and thus leads to decay. It is said that 90% of adults face oral problems, which lead to teeth loss.

While sugar gets to be the culprit for health complications, here is something that you need to know.

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

When you consume something sweet, the sugar content mixes with the bacteria present in our mouth. There is an acidic reaction that arises, and that leads to tooth decay where the enamel gradually dissolves, and the tooth is attacked.

When you witness pain while biting food or you see brown bands near your gum line, it is an indication of tooth decay. The moment you spot such problems, having an emergency dentist in Pennant Hills or around your house can help you resolve it before time. If ignored, issues as that of periodontal gum disease, gingivitis, bad breath, and lingering bad taste come to the surface. Dentists may suggest a root canal treatment or even extract the tooth to spread the decay.

Sugar Foods To Avoid

Some say that fruits to have sugar in them so do we get decay after consuming them? Well, fruits contain sugar that is natural and good for health. Other foods as that of aerated drinks, energy drinks, cakes, confectionery, etc. contain sugar in high values. A dentist in Pennant Hills would suggest that avoiding all of these if not completely but to a certain extent would help out with preventing oral problems. Adding extra sugar to your cup of tea or coffee would also prevent you from complications.

How to Prevent Teeth From Damage?

  • Whenever you are out at the store purchasing something, always check the label for the sugar content. Limit anything that is on the higher side.
  • Whenever you drink anything sweet, try rinsing your mouth immediately
  • Use straws for drinking whenever possible to prevent sugar contact with teeth
  • Brush your teeth twice daily to remove acid growth
  • Drink water to wash the sugar residue on the teeth
  • Visit dentist frequently to detect oral problems beforehand

How Do You Get To The Right Dentist?

Asking friends and acquaintances for help or even getting assistance from the Internet can help you a list of names for a dentist around you. With personal reviews coming in, you can decide on the right one. Quite often, people visit those who are qualified and have been into business for a very long time. They are the ones who can help you resolve oral problems as well as provide you with tips and solutions on how to care for the teeth.