Cleaning Ceramic Tiles Effectively – A Guide

Ceramic Wall Tiles
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Ceramic tiles are unbeatable while it comes to versatility, durability, and beauty. Therefore, ceramic wall tiles are perfect for the areas of the homes like kitchen, bathroom and even for the entryway floors. Besides, the ceramic tiles are also widely used in the countertops and backsplashes. Although ceramic tiles can be taken care of easily, these often need some upkeep.

So, if the ceramic tiles of your home are showing the early signs of moulds and stains or if you are planning to bring new life to the existing ceramic tiles of your home, then here are a few tips and techniques that you need to follow to remove and avoid the stains in the future. These tips also ensure that the ceramic wall tiles remain in sparkling shape for years after years.

  1. Pick The Spills Up Promptly: Our kitchen areas often face different types of messes on a regular basis. So, in case you have ceramic tiles countertops, then you must pick the daily messes like tracked mud or spilled milk as early as possible to prevent getting the tiles stained. To do this, mop the area with warm water blended with mild dish detergent. Then swipe up the surface.
  2. Stave Off The Scratches: Although ceramic tile is comparatively tough, being composed of sand, natural clay, and water, these tiles can get scratches. So, regular vacuuming or sweeping the feature wall tiles can keep the dirt and debris from marring the area and also preventing grounding into the grout. In case you have the ceramic tiles in your entryway, then ask people to wipe their feet properly in the doormat before entering.
  3. Wash The Tiles Weekly: Apart from sweeping and vacuuming, mop the ceramic tiles, minimum once every week with a small amount of mild dish detergent blended in hot water. There is no need to use any stronger materials. But in case you want, you can test the cleanser on some unobtrusive area to make sure that the tile surface doesn’t get harmed. It is better not to use a sponge mop as this can push the dirt and debris off the tiles and into the grout. Instead, you should use strip or string mop head. Replace the water as early as it becomes dirty or the ceramic feature wall tiles will become cloudy and dull.
  4. Avoid All The Accidents: Ceramic tiles often become slick while wet. So, you need to dry the ceramic tiles flooring properly with a clean towel or you must stay out of the place until it becomes completely air-dried to avoid slip.
  5. Get The Grime Out Of The Grout: If you want to clean the grout properly from the ceramic wall tiles, then cleaning the surface with hot water and stiff brush will do the job. To remove the tougher stains, you can use a paste made of baking soda and vinegar or a solution made of hydrogen peroxide. Leave the solution for a few minutes before scrubbing it with a brush.