Few Commonly Asked Questions about Australian Business Visa

If you want to start a business in Australia or thinking of attending any work-related event in Australia, getting the right business visa is a must. There are multiple types of business visas available in Australia, meant for people who want the visa for business travel and people, who want to establish themselves in this country for a longer period.

Now let’s get some more details about the business visa that Australia has:

Types of business visas Australia offers: Australia provides temporary, short-term or permanent business visas to people, who are planning to travel for some business purposes, planning to start a new business in Australia or planning to invest in an existing business in Australia. To find out the type of business visa that you might require, it is necessary to understand the business purposes for which you want to visit Australia. The professional business visa lawyers are there to help you in this matter.

For how long the business visa holder can stay in Australia?

The validity of the Australian business visa depends entirely on the visa type that you are applying for along with some personal circumstances. In case you are thinking of attending a conference or an event without conducting business activity in Australia, then you can apply for an eVisitor or ETA visa. This type of visa comes with 12 months of validity and it allows the visa holders to stay in Australia for around 90 days in every entry. So, the visa holders can enter Australia a number of times on this visa as long as the passport and visa are valid.

On the other hand, a temporary Business Innovation & Investment Visa offers people the scope to stay in Australia for around 4 years and 3 months. Therefore, the visa holders can apply for a permanent visa after meeting the eligibility criteria. You can contact with professional business visa lawyers to know about this matter.

How your stay in Australia can be extended?

In case you have visited Australia on a provisional Business Information & Investment Visa and like to extend the period of staying, then you can extend it. Or you can also apply for a new visa. After meeting the criteria, you would be eligible for Business Information & Investment Visa permanently. But it is not possible to extend the validity of the eVisitor or ETA visa. So, if you hold this visa and want to extend your stay in Australia, then you have to apply for another visa that suits the reason for staying in Australia for a longer period.

How to apply for a business visa in Australia? 

It is possible to apply for ETA visa through visa organization or travel agencies. You can also consult with the business visa lawyers in Australia to learn more about the procedure of applying for a business visa. But irrespective of the type of business visa you need, gather all the important documents in advance including your health certificates.