Toilet Suite Features That You Must Keep An Eye On.

A bathroom with a white toilet suite.

Once you have decided the style of toilet suites like closed coupled, wall faced pan, back-to-wall or wall-hung pan, the next important thing to decide is the features that you want in the toilet suites Sydney. The choice of features often depends on what you need. To help you out, here comes a list of the top features that are important parts of the modern toilet suites.

bathroom toilet suites

Water efficiency: While it comes to choosing a toilet suite, water efficiency has an important role to play. Here are the things you need to be aware of while deciding the water efficiency of the bathroom toilet suites.

  • Like other products such as washing machines, toilet suites are often given a WELS (Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards) rating. This rating works as an indication of the total amount of water that the toilet suite uses against the size.
  • WELS comes with an easy-to-read star system. So, the more star your product has, the more water-efficient it should be.

Height of the toilet: The height of the toilet can make a difference to the look and feel of the bathroom area. Besides, it can also have an impact on how user-friendly your toilet is. Let’s have a look at the considerations of deciding the height of the toilet suites in Sydney.

  • The usual height of toilet suites is 15”, which is perfect for most of the users.
  • But it is also possible to purchase taller models that include an additional one or two-inch. Also known as easy height toilets, these are designed for tall people and people with limited mobility. 
  • Wall hung toilets can be set to different heights while installing.

Toilet traps and set out: Toilet traps decide how wastewater would flow from your bathroom toilet suites. Usually, there are three types of toilet traps available, namely Uni-trap, S-trap, and P-trap. To make the installation process simple, it is necessary to select the trap, which matches with your existing plumbing.

  • Uni-trap toilets can be adjusted to suit both P-trap and S-trap toilets. But still, it is important to follow the measurements properly to avoid all the complications while installing the toilets.
  • S-trap toilets send the waste to the pipes through the floor. These are the commonest variety of toilet trap available in Australia. But these are not universal. Therefore, it is important to match and measure the set out properly.
  • On the other hand, P-trap toilets expel the wastewater through the wall and through the back of the toilet. This is a standard feature and therefore the installation process is pretty straightforward.

Other features to check: Toilet suites often come with a range of amazing features. So, before you choose the right toilet suites in Sydney as per your need, here are a few features that you should count on:

  • Toilets with soft closing lids and seats bring a luxury feel.
  • There are different types of flushing technologies available in the toilets from which you can select.