Bathroom Mirror Storage Unit- An Important Part Of A Modern Bathroom

Modern mirror storage unit in sydney

Those days are past when bathrooms were only made of ultra-high-tech-showers or designer baths. These days, smaller fixtures go a long way towards adding a style statement as well as an additional character to the bathroom.

The bathroom mirror storage unit is one of those. The right storage unit is capable of converting a boring bathroom in something special while adding sophistication, style, and the place where you can put all your staff. Although this looks like a simple piece that doesn’t need much attention, selecting the unit is not that easy.

All credit goes to the availability of the units of different functionalities and styles on the market. Therefore, this is not a decision that should be lightly taken.

Different features that the modern bathroom mirror storage unit can have:

  • Heated demister pads: These pads help to clean up the bathroom mirror automatically. Therefore, there is no need to wait for clearing the bathroom mirror after every use.
  • Shaving sockets: This feature is designed for men, who find the job of shaving a little tedious. With this feature, now there is no need to wiring shaving sockets in the bathroom walls.
  • Infra-red sensors: This feature allows people to light up the illuminated bathroom mirrors with just a brush of a hand.
  • Bluetooth speakers: Make your bathroom time more special with these speakers that allow you to play music directly from your phone. So, this feature can refresh your mood anytime.

So, here comes a guide on selecting the right storage unit.

  • Decide The Size: Before you choose to install a bathroom mirror storage unit, it is important to measure the wall space properly. In case the size of the bathroom is small, then it is best to choose a smaller cabinet as large ones can look bulky in small spaces and can make the space look even more cluttered. On the other hand, in case you have a big space, then it is better to choose something bigger that looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Power Source: Illuminated cabinets or the storage units with shaving cabinets Sydney need to be located near to any power source. In case you are unable to do it, then it is better to call a professional. Remember that installing electrical or non-illuminated cabinets is not a simple job. It is also necessary to note the type of wall where you would install the cabinets on. It can be disastrous to drill into the wrong wall. So, in case you are not sure then it is better to check things with the shaving cabinets Sydney manufacturer brand.
  • Style: The best quality, modern products don’t look good when compared to conventional features. For instance, a vintage cabinet won’t look good in a bathroom accessorized with a minimalist digital shower. While installing the cabinets, remember one thing that only the right cabinet would add to the right theme. In case you have a modern looked bathroom, it is better to choose a modern cabinet to keep things constant.