Top 10 Tips For Naming A Software Company

software company

Naming a tech company is immensely important as this is what makes the first impact on the majority of your business stakeholders. Most software companies offer almost similar solutions at times with some different elements. And hence the name should be unique and different. Here are the 10 tips on naming a software company:

  1. Keep it crisp 

Think about some of the tech companies or their associated brands that rule worldwide. A few examples include IBM, SAP, Directi, and Intel. These are short, simple, easy to remember and recall. 

Tech company names shouldn’t sound like a sentence. Sure, in some instances, two words might be appropriate such as in Hewlett-Packard, for that matter. This makes it easier for consumers to remember. Pro tipHave an interesting story, emotion, context to the tech name you chose, keeping in mind the long term vision and legacy you plan to build with your tech business.

  1. Easy to spell

Imagine if the spelling of the tech company name is too complicated, you would no longer be interested in finding it. In a matter of seconds, the mind of the consumer gets distracted from the topic if this glitch happens. 

Since its software, web-based company, don’t do anything unusual, like using the number 8 to replace the “ate” sound or use the letter “Z” in a place where you should have an “S.”

  1. Easy pronunciation

Not only should the name of your tech company be easy to spell as aforementioned but also equally easy to pronounce. Imagine if you wouldn’t be able to give an example of software that you wanted to just because you cannot pronounce it correctly? Not only will this hamper business growth but also the word of mouth approach for a software company. Make sure that when you say it out loud, it doesn’t get confused with other words. 

  1. Make it appealing

Your brand name needs to resonate with the tech junkies. So that they choose you over any other company for their work. The name should be magnetic enough to not be forgotten. Based on your gut feeling and feedback from others, you can go ahead with a good name. 

  1. Think beyond

What happens when you want to start writing new codes and build apps due to the disruptive technological shift and demand? The new directions no longer fit your name. Technology and innovation are ever-growing in every sector, modifying names as you adapt is definitely a bad idea. Hence being futuristic and choosing a comprehensive tech company name is advisable at the inception stage itself.

  1. Check the domain name

Seldom there exists a problem when a software company settles on a name, but someone already has the .ai domain. Vast options among creative, relevant, innovative extensions can be used such as .tech instead of purchasing a particular traditional domain and wasting money in the initial stages of the software company business.

  1. Online presence due diligence

Online research is the founding stone of finding an amazing tech company name. Have a specific social media handles for the tech company. Do not have multiple pages on the same platform, as it confuses the customers and they identify the brand as a fake one. In order to create proper brand awareness about the software, the social media presence should be apt with a specific name.

  1. Maximize authenticity

You want your brand to be unique among other tech competitors. Your software company is different from the rest and the same should be with its name. The name needs to be something that pulls traction and is dynamic plus magnetic. For example, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Do your best to avoid common names in order to keep your software company name stand out from the rest.

  1. Take feedback

Reach out to your family, teammates, and friends for opinions. If a particular name stands out from the crowd of other names that you have generated, then go ahead with it, as it’s the most suitable to the environment. 

  1. Take legal counsel

When the name is decided, you need to register your new business, with the Registrar of companies, as per the provisions of the Company’s Act, 2013. If the name is too similar, the state may disallow you from registering that name and tell to recreate the name. A lawyer can probably help you register your new software company.