What Do You Need To Know About River Caravans?

river caravans

River Caravans was established in March 2010. However, before that, the company owners had worked for a long time – 30 years and more to be precise – in the caravan industry in Australia. The company is known right now for its prestige top end caravan.

These come with many stylish and luxurious features. These are available in the standard variants of these vehicles as well. You can be sure that these vehicles would provide you with full value for the money that you have invested in them. 

Attention to details: 

The company is rather proud of the way it provides attention to details and justifiably so, it may be added as well. 

River Caravans are also known for their high-quality features. These days, people have come to expect these as the norm rather than the exception when it comes to these vehicles. This is possible because the organization employs the finest professionals to build these machines.

The materials that it uses for these purposes are among the best that you get in Australia as well. This is the reason why you get such a superb finish with these products. 

Caravans built by River:

The river normally builds three main ranges of caravans – Diamantina, Dominator, and Eliminator. Diamantina is a deluxe product. 

It is perfect the most well-known among all River Caravans. It comes in a wide range of sizes, specifications, and layouts. Dominator is a small off road caravan that is fitted with features such as coil suspension. It is available in two main models tandem and single axle.

Eliminator is an off-road vehicle as well. It includes coil suspension as well along with cutaway rear. This is a vehicle that allows you to explore Australia to the fullest. 

Best River Caravans

A few words on the company:

The company itself is based at Somerton in Victoria. 

Like all other top brands in this particular domain, River Caravanstoo focuses on satisfying the needs and requirements that its customers may have from it. People in Australia prefer caravans that are built in Australia and at the same time, they want the best products as well.

The river is one company that is known to provide a delectable combination of both. These vehicles are built as per the best specifications that have been laid down by RVMAA. 

Pride in performance: 

Takes great pride in the way that its craftsmen work and the kind of expertise that they have in terms of design. 

This is the reason why you get only the very best in quality from River Caravans and nothing else. For that matter, when you step inside a caravan that has been built by River you would be able to see the difference in quality and feel it yourself as well. 

Focus on traditional:

Over the years, River has focused on being as traditional as possible. It has certain methods of construction that are tried and tested, and it has always stuck to them. At the same time, it is always looking for ways in which it can get better.