Granny Flat Sutherland Shire

A granny flat is a living space that is self-contained and is generally a single-family home. The name comes from its use as space for accommodating old parents in the family while also giving them the peace and quiet that they need. A granny flat can be a space in itself or can be attached to a house. It is in industrial terms, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). 

Granny flat Sutherland shire is a boon to families who want to promote multi-generational familial structures. They offer privacy to grandparents or teenagers while also linking them to the central family space.  With time, advancement and popularity of this kind of miniature housings, there are varied options that allow clients to tailor their own housing units or choose from readymade designs that provide advanced services such as monitoring devices that can be controlled through remotes, medication dispensers that can be timed and toilet pots that detect temperature and are capable of performing urinalysis.

There are plenty of myths that run around about the construction, utility, design and manufacture of these granny flats Sutherland shire.

Myth: It’s Difficult To Get Approval For Building A Granny Flat

Even though there might be certain strict rules and guidelines pertaining to the building and planning of such miniature housing units, there are several planning policies that aim at increasing the availability and access to them. The approval contracts are very comprehensive and compact to take maximum 6-8 weeks for a council to approve them. Private companies take merely 10 days for certification.

Myth: Granny Flats Are Not A Part Of The Main Building

 There are both kinds of structures available. You can either build a granny flat Sutherland shire as an extension of your existing house or subdivide your property, that is, separate a certain segment of the main dwelling as an ancillary dwelling area.

Myth: You Would Never Be Able To Rent Out A Granny Flat Space

Nothing could be further from the true picture because statistically, granny flats have great demand among tenants and are very simple to rent out. They are perfect for individual tenants, and if they are located in close vicinity to all services such as universities, transport, supermarkets, etc. their value certainly increases.

Myth: This Is Simply A Low-Quality Space

Well, there might be certain options that could be defined as both of low quality, and cheap, the market for granny flat Sutherland shire is massive, and you would certainly find other options.

Myth: These Miniature Houses Are Not Great Ideas For Investing 

 Granny flats Sutherland shire is fast becoming a popular notion as a secondary dwelling, and it adds to the market value of your house. They are also great in terms of rental prospects, and you can generate an income out of the rent you receive.