Reasons For Using Non-slip Floor Cleaner

Non-slip floor cleaner is used to prevent slip and fall accidents and resultant injuries during cleaning. However, cleaners of their residential or commercial buildings take great care in making their building floors using non-slip floor cleaners. Safety against slippery floors is a concerning area as the number of casualties resulting from slippages.

The current statistics show a steep increase in the trend of slip and fall accidents at homes. Most of these accidents lead to severe damages to the hip and back areas. Some of the popular non-slip floor treatments are non slip floor cleaner, non-Slip floor coatings, grip activator non-Slip treatment and non-Slip Adhesive Tapes.

Importance of Non-Slip Floor Cleaner

Using the non-slip floor cleaner can help a lot in reducing the slipperiness of the floors in homes and offices. These floor cleaners also increase the friction coefficient, especially on wet floors.

In case of accidental spilling of water, tea, coffee or soft drinks, you need to act promptly by blotting out the stain with a soft rug. However, you should remember to dry the floor surface with paper towels. You should continue to wipe the floor till the sticky residues are gone. While using the non-slip floor cleaner, do not pour them on the floor directly. It is better to dip a piece of cloth in the solution and mop the floor. Steam cleaning of the bamboo floors is an excellent solution to remove dirt and dust.

For cleaning the surface of your floor, it is recommended to use non-slip floor cleaner, a highly concentrated, mild acid used for the removal of lime deposits, iron and other surface stains. It is recommended that you use a quality lint-free mop. It will avoid mop fibres being removed by more robust slip-resistant surfaces. It is also recommended that you use a fine comb nylon decking brush. This will ensure sufficient agitation of the tile surface to remove contaminants.

Why Use Non-Slip Cleaner Daily?

In case you have laminate flooring, you should be more careful with a non-slip floor cleaner. It is almost like synthetic flooring made of multiple layers. In the laminate flooring, the internal layer is made of melamine resin and fiberboard. You ought to be careful as any careless move can lead to scratches on the flooring.

You need to clean laminate flooring daily so that no damage is caused by dust and dirt. A broom or a vacuum cleaner is the best cleaning method for laminated flooring. You can also use a mild solution of liquid dishwasher and warm water.

To sum up, a clean and dry flooring system is the real secret of a safe and slip-resistant flooring system. Homeowners should use a non-slip floor cleaner, which not only makes floors slip-resistant but protects their appearance for many months.

They are easy to use and does not require much effort or time. These chemicals could be mopped at regular intervals and conveniently. A non-slip cleaner of your residence floors prevents them from getting damaged or stained easily. Slip and fall accidents are prevalent, particularly among children and older people. Being invisible, non-slip floor cleaner does not change the look of your floor.