Things You Need To Know About Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Damp or wet floors are not the only thing that causes fall, trip or slip accidents within any facility. Footwear, clutter, and improper cleaning also result in hazards for both the building occupants and employees alike.

As per reports, almost half of the facility accidents are attributed to the flooring type used. Irrespective of the cause, these accidents cost big bucks to the facilities in the form of liability claims and unemployment.

But it is possible to avoid accidents on tiles flooring with Anti-Slip Tile Coating products that offer the results that don’t just work but are also long-lasting. Besides, these products need low-maintenance.

When you choose to install these anti-slip coatings from reputable providers, you can only get premium quality products that can offer the floors necessary traction to prevent accidents.

These coatings are well known for improving safety on different types of slippery tiles. The best thing is that the non-slip tile coating can be applied within a few minutes. And once applied, it can improve grip on the surface even while it is wet.

Importance Of Applying Anti-Slip Coatings:

The non-slip floor coatings offer maximum protection caused by slip fall accidents, generally with minimal or no change of appearance. These are gentle for the bare feet yet tough for the vehicle traffic.

The application of anti-slip floor coating is also very simple. With the right care, this type of coating can last for years. When it comes to performance and durability, this type of coating offers superior service.

And this type of coating comes with 5 years of warranty.

Now let’s have a look at the places where you can apply non-slip floor coatings:

Indoors: Wet and slippery swimming pool decks, bathroom and kitchen floors, locker rooms, etc.

Outdoors: Decks, slippery floors, ramps, walkways, swimming pool decks, stairs, parking lots, driveways, etc.

How To Maintain Anti-Slip Tile Coatings?

Maintaining a non-slip tile coating is a four-part method. Namely:

Keeping the floor clean

Maintaining the appearance

Protecting the flooring surface

Factors like humidity, temperature, presence of foreign substances and the static electricity are the factors, which affect the cost and time spent on this job. Unless you prioritize it, you may miscalculate the total amount of expense and time required for this job.

Important Factors To Consider Anti-Slip Tile Coatings:

There are two vital factors that you must count on when it comes to choosing an anti-slip floor coating. The first thing that you need to consider is the product (the coating or sealer) is used.

By definition, sealers are temporary and generally last for around 1-1.5 years before you reapply those.

Another factor that you need to count on is the anti-slip media that you will use for creating the non-slip profile.

A novice approach is to add sand or an aggregate of shaved plastic, whose properties wear down quite fast. And when it is worn down, the area will be left with a sealed surface that is less slippery than earlier times.