Understand Asphalt Laying and Repair Technology

Supporting the excellent condition of the road surface, timely repair of asphalt using the latest technology and high-quality materials, is the key to reducing the risk of vehicle breakdowns. Asphalt repairs work on asphalt pavement is carried out as the integrity of the road surface is violated. This may arise from long service life, increased traffic of vehicles or natural disasters. All types of road repair work are aimed at ensuring and maintaining a mirror-flat surface of the asphalt, which is the basis for safe movement.

Asphalt Paving Technology:

Initially, you should mark the territory on which the asphalt is supposed to be laid. All work will depend on the purpose for which the coating is intended to be used.

After laying the crushed stone in it, proceed directly to pouring the asphalt mass. All road asphalt laying works are carried out following the requirements of SNIP and GOST.

Bitumen consumption during repair of the coating should be at least 0.5 l. But the use of asphalt when laying a new track is calculated separately. Here it is important to consider the size of the street, yet additionally its structure, just as other additional factors

In private construction, using asphalt, they make blind areas, create paths and sidewalks. Also, asphalt can be used to form a roofing and conduct yard work.

When laying the tracks, the work is done in stages:

  1. Initially, up to 30 cm of soil is removed, and all garbage is removed;
  2. Further, borders are installed that will serve not only as an additional decoration but also prevent the spread of bitumen;
  3. At this stage, a pillow is created. The crushed stone layer should reach 15 cm, after which it is possible to roll in a finer fraction of crushed stone and roll it again. The last layer will be sand. It will be enough, 5 cm. After creating such a pillow, you will need to fill it with water and roll it with a hand roller;

Hot asphalt must be scattered evenly around the entire perimeter of the track.

When the road section is filled with asphalt and levelled, it is necessary to compact it with a hand roller. First, you need to grease the packer with diesel fuel, to prevent adhesion and ensure uniform coverage. It is essential to cover all the tools that work is done with diesel fuel.

When laying, it is important to make only linear movements, reversing is strictly prohibited. The bitumen consumption, in this case, is calculated individually and can be either 5 or 10 kg. At the end of the work, instead of impregnation, you can use a special paint for asphalt.

To sum up, it is mandatory to ensure your asphalt pavement is safe to ride on. If not go for asphalt repairs as soon as possible. You can as such, opt for the asphalt repair services in Sydney and give your asphalt pavement a new, furbish look.