“Marble Is Marvel” define the important of Marble tile. The reason behind why we believe in these words is because only a few rocks have the same number of uses as marble. It is utilized for its substance properties in engineering and in farming.

It is utilized for its optical properties in beautifying agents as well as construction work. Apart from that, it is economical and easy to carve. No wonder why marble tiles have numerous properties that make it a profitable commodity in a wide range of ventures in Australia.

Marble is a natural substance which is composed of different minerals like is basically Calcite, Clay, Quartz pyrite, Micas, Iron Oxides and graphite. These minerals when heated and pressured under the conditions of metamorphosis, marble is formed.

Marble has been known to us since time immemorial. Evidence proves that marble was being used in history from ages. It is durable, attractive and easy to carve. It can withstand the harshest conditions, especially like those in Canberra, Australia. You can torture it all you want, it will still not lose its stateliness.

Marble has been loved from years and it continues to be loved. Australian consumers’ growing appetite to find tiles that reflect sheer grandiosity is rapidly increasing. And we draw our inspiration from them. In these modern times, it is most unlikely that you will come across any building which doesn’t have use of marble in any part. Due to the variety of colours and styles, marble can elevate the splendour of any space. Let us see where these marbles can be installed:


The most common place to use marble tiles is to cover the floors. From 5 star hotels to glorious homes, marble floors can add a touch of pomp to any area. The use of marble has been most prominent in ancient times, and now you can also experience that richness.

You can install marble tiles on your home and become the trademark of wealth in your community. Whether it is an office space, a restaurant, business factories etc, you can add a touch of sophistication to make your ideal space.


Marble tiles on walls are deeply admired by royalty and members of noble families. They hold the power to make a simple wall look a masterpiece. You can use marble walls in the form of slabs or intact piece. These days people are familiar with different patterns that can be achieved from marble.

Uncut marble in its natural and uninterrupted splendour leaves an unforgettable impression on anyone who sets his eyes on the marble wall. Another aspect of using marble on walls is that they are susceptible to crayons. If you have children at home, marble walls can prove to be a great help. They require very low-maintenance to keep your house neat and tidy.


There can nothing be more luxurious than marble. Imagine stepping down from your godly mansion adorned with incredibly beautiful stairs. We bet people would be left envying you once they visit your house. Unlike normal stairs, marble stairs can endure everyday trauma and can actually prove to be quite affordable than expensive carpets. Now you can forget about tearing and sprinkles hurting your soft feet.  No more carpet cleaning and sweating your entire day. Install marble stairs and enjoy your day off cleaning.