What Factors Do Grave Monuments Prices Depend On?

The memory of the departed determines the level of culture of the nation. As a rule, it is the installation of the tombstone that is the last tribute to loved ones. Many people are concerned about finding a worthy company that can make suitable grave monuments, with reasonable prices, based on the wishes and capabilities of the customer.

  1. Details

Prices of grave monuments depend on the details

The decoration of monuments made of granite is of great importance to most customers. Not everyone can be satisfied with a faceless plate with a simple mournful inscription. In memory of the deceased, you can order the production of a portrait, a commemorative inscription, or a beautiful drawing, symbolizing the sorrow of relatives and friends or the type of activity of the deceased. Respect for memory, embodied in the creation of a proper granite monument, is the best and last thing that a grieving person can do.

  1. Shape

The price of the grave monument also depends on its external shape. A typical rectangular-shaped slab made of polished marble is much cheaper than a carved marble monument with an original surface shape with abrasive polishing and a bizarre chamfer structure on the front faces.

Specialists can also offer skilful landscaping of the grave – a flower garden; all samples of work contain a detailed catalogue of grave monuments from granite.

How Will The Catalogue Of Granite Monuments Help?

If you are interested in magnificent and high-quality grave monuments, the catalogue will allow you to choose the most suitable sample. The experts will translate into reality as per your wishes regarding decoration, the presence of a flower garden, and other details. It is much easier to make a choice when the photo and price are before your eyes. Grave monuments prices and pictures are always at hand wherever you decide to buy them.

For the burial to have a decent look, many more additional details are required. This may be arranging the fence, preparing a place for planting flowers or arranging the flower garden itself, making soles and sculptures. Experienced specialists perform all types of work at the highest professional level. They respect the sorrow for the dead and strive with their high-quality and professional work to at least slightly alleviate the pain of the loss of a close and dear person.

The manufacture of gravestones from natural stone: from black or coloured granite and white marble will cost at least 3-4 times more expensive than products of a similar type, size, and shape from crushed limestone and concrete. The market value of a standard-style marble monument starts from 32,000 rubles and can exceed this price up to 500,000 rubles. To justify such a high price, we can say that the memorial made of natural marble looks much more beautiful and more luxurious.

The price of engraving, although it has a relatively low cost compared to the cost of natural marble, still it is also very different in price. It directly depends on the application technique.