Luxury Bathroom Ideas Which Will Help You To Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations

Are you dreaming of a luxury bathroom in your house or apartment? We all want a luxurious bathroom like a hotel spa where we can simply relax and unwind after a long day and forget about all the stress. 

Building a luxury bathroom does include quite an amount of expenses but honestly, it is worth it to get that glam spa look in your bathroom, which adds tremendously to the value to your residence.

If you have a standard old bathroom and looking for bathroom renovations in North Sydney to get the perfect luxurious bathroom, here are some ideas for you:

1. Chrome finish:

If you are going for a classic luxury look, install chrome fixtures and fittings in your bathroom. The chrome finish goes particularly well with marble, and the combination of deluxe marble and classic chrome finish speaks of nothing but opulence and will give your bathroom a timeless classic look. You are bound to feel like royalty every day when you get ready in such a lavish bathroom.

2. Minimalistic yet luxurious look:

If you do not believe in extra grandeur or excessive lavishness, the minimalist ‘less is more’ look is perfect for your bathroom. You can achieve that minimalist look using materials such as hardwood, concrete finishes, etc. and opt for bath silhouettes of simple sleek design. Add light fittings of industrial style look and statement bathroom hardware such as a freestanding bath. You can add a statement piece of lighting that will be the major focus, such as a box wall light.

3. Marble means magnificence:

If you want a completely classic look, marble is the material which you cannot ignore. Accompany marble flooring with large-sized windows and high ceilings and white or light shades of paint to make your bathroom look luxurious, sophisticated as well as larger than it actually is. If you do not have a big space, this is the way to make it look larger and enhance its grandeur. Add white sanitary ware and bathroom supplies to get a large classic appearance for your luxurious bathroom.

4. The illusion of more space with mirrors:

Besides using marble finish for your bathroom and white bathroom ware for making your bathroom look bigger and brighter, add a super-size mirror in your bathroom which will not only create an illusion of more space but also give your bathroom a luxurious ambience. Position this scaled-up mirror in such a way that statement lighting is focused on it or a freestanding bath is reflected.

5. Double shower and double sink:

If your bathroom has enough space, you can go for a statement double shower. Luxury bathrooms are not only about how deluxe they look but also their luxurious utilities and double shower is a prime example. It will make your bathing experience truly luxurious. It is suggested that you keep the shower fittings simple while making a statement and experimenting with the tiles. Get yourself a brilliant shower enclosure which will suit the glam look.

Apply the ideas which you liked while getting bathroom renovations North Sydney to achieve your desired luxury bathroom. Explain to the professional who will be renovating your bathroom in details so that you get your dream deluxe bathroom.