How To Use Concrete Pool Waterproofing Products?

Concret pool Waterprooofing Product

Waterproofing of concrete pools is very complex. The concrete pool waterproofing products should have good technical properties and mechanical properties. There are plenty of waterproofing products available for concrete pools but one should be very careful in selecting the best material. The quality material will protect the concrete from damage and it will increase the durability of the concrete swimming pool. Waterproof sealers are normally used near the holes of filtration pipe to prevent water leakage. Waterproofing material prevents the pool’s concrete surface from the chemical of the pool. The entering of groundwater into the pool can be prevented by the waterproof sealer. 

Common concrete pool waterproofing products:

Waterproof material used in the pool is suitable for the final coating. Tiles or ceramic material can be fixed above the waterproof material of the pool. Waterproof product of concrete pools can also be used for other things like expansion joints, slab and wall joints, skimmers, stairs, penetration for pipe and cold joints. 

Cement-based waterproof products are used for proofing the concrete walls of the swimming pool. It can be used as a continuous layer on the swimming pools. The waterproof sealer can be used in all the places in the swimming pool. It can be used for sealing the cracks on the surface of the swimming pool. When the best quality material with the proper finish is used for swimming pool then it does not require any extra finish. There is special waterproof material available that can be used for places with large and heavy movements. Waterproof material on the swimming pool prevents the outside decorative finish like tiles from the hydrostatic pressure. The waterproof material withstands both positive and negative pressure. 

Method for applying waterproof material on the concrete surface of the swimming pool:

  1. The first important step is to clean the surface in which the waterproof material is to be applied. High-pressure cleaning should be used for cleaning since it removes all the unwanted particles and dust. 
  2. Cracks on the surface of concrete swimming pools can be sealed using the waterproof sealer. After sealing that waterproof material is applied all over the surface of the swimming pool. 
  3. Most of the waterproof agents are recommended to be applied on the wet surface. At least apply two layers of waterproof material and after applying clean the surface with clean water. 
  4. Give sufficient drying time between each coating. Before applying the second coat wet the surface again. The coated surface prevents leakage and also prevents entering of groundwater into the pool surface. Normal brush, roller, trowel or broom can be used for applying the waterproof material on the surface of the concrete swimming pool. If the pool size is large then you can use the spray method for applying the waterproof material.  Spray material is a little expensive. 
  5. You can use extra bonding agent on the surface before decorating the exterior surface of the pool with ceramic or tiles. It is suggested to leave the surface free for four to five days. Experts suggest that after completing all the finishing work leave the pool to cure for a minimum for 14 days.