Solar Road Markers- The Gen-X Way of Preventing Vehicles Slipping Into Wrong Way

Solar Road Maker

Most of the accidents caused in Australia during the night have been reported because of the accidental slip in the wrong way. This mainly happens because of the driver’s inability to judge the edge of the road in the pitch-dark night. The absence of any marker is cited to be the main reason behind this. However, the rising numbers of accidents and fatalities have raised the alarm to the concerned authority. 

Stats Speaks:

According to an estimate, approximately $28 billion is estimated to be a loss incurred because of car accidents every year in Australia. An average Aussie drives a total of approximately 16,000 km each year, and this increases the chances as well. According to a survey, it has been found that the probability of an accident doubles at every 60kmph.

Out of these estimates, roughly 65% of the reported incidents took place during the night. In addition to this, the report also says that the cause of the accidents has been because of the fault of another person- failing to identify the side and penetrating into the opposite lane.

Preventive Measures as Suggested by Expert Team:

Over the years, different measures have been taken to prevent accidents. Right from raising awareness amongst the people, improving the signal system to putting a limit on the accelerator- everything has not been 100% effective. However, the newest cause of accidents has challenged experts.

Introduction to Solar Road Marker:

It is considered one of the efficient ways of demarcating the lane. The solar road marker makes driving easy for the drivers by getting a clear idea of the right and left sides of the road.

The following are some of the top reasons that highlight why solar road marker is the future of road safety apparatus—

  1. Sustainable and Economical
  2. High intensity of light ensures the side remains visible in the long stretch of highway or freeway
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. It has an active dynamic signaling process that flickers at some frequency sending alert to the driver regarding the driving boundary

Stress has always been to keep the environment safe. Therefore, the solar road marker is used effectively and efficiently in modern days. It is eco-friendly, and at the end of the day, it would be emitting zero carbon footprints. 

Another type of solar light that is widely been in use is solar batten light. It has brighter light and is best used in places like gardens, lawns, and parking spaces. It also has a crucial role in ensuring road safety. For example, the installation of these lights on the side of the driveways would ensure that the vehicle is taken to the garage properly.

In addition to this, instead of going for an alternate connection of lighting in the garage, installing solar batten light is always a good idea. It would not only keep the area lighted; instead, it would save big on utility bills as well.


The solar-powered road markers have eased the hassles faced by drivers while driving. In has not only curtailed the utility bills but also drastically brought down the number of accidents caused because of lane slipping.