Importance Of Manufacturing Fire Extinguisher

Manufacturing Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are very important. It helps to protect fire. It can be used immediately to protect fire thus it saves big damage to the place and the things but it can be used for only small or medium size fire. The fire extinguisher should be placed in an easily accessible area and also it should be in a proper working condition. It is important to select the proper size fire extinguisher.

While Manufacturing Fire Extinguisher, it is designed at different sizes. You should select the correct size which best suits your area.

Fire extinguishers should be maintained regularly. Employees should be given basic training for operating the fire extinguisher to minimize the damage of the place and the properties ad it can save even the life of humans. A trained person should operate the fire extinguisher at the time of fire.

As per the fire code provided by the state and “NFPA” (National Fire Protection Assembly), it is advisable to do annual maintenance for the fire extinguisher and inspection monthly. While installing it, get guidance from the experts.

The number of fire extinguishers and the distance between each fire extinguisher is very important and it should be carefully decided with the help of experts.

During an inspection, the pressure level of the extinguisher should be checked. It is recommended to install fire extinguishers in the residential area also. It is made mandatory to install fire extinguishers in hospitals. A fire extinguisher can stop up to 80% of the fire.

Schools should conduct a regular fire drill and also train students to operate the fire extinguisher on their own. They can use this during emergency situations and avoid major damages. A fire extinguisher can save even the environment to controlling the pollution caused by the smoke. In big companies, it is recommended to install a smoke alarm because identifying the fire is a little difficult. Time is very important fire should be stopped as early as possible so use technology to detect fire in the workplace. The automatic sprinkler can stop small size fire at the initial stage. 

Checklist for monthly inspection:

  • Gauge pressure of the fire extinguisher should be check monthly
  • Check the compatibility of the gauge and the fire extinguisher
  • Check the date of manufacturing fire extinguisher and the hydro test date.
  • Check whether the fire extinguisher is corrosion free
  • Check whether the valve is in proper working condition
  • Check whether the opening of the valve is free from dust and other foreign particles
  • After removing the seal and lock pin check the condition of the handle. After inspection don’t forget to replace the pin and also reseal the fire extinguisher
  • If you are using dry extinguisher turn off the fire extinguisher and then clean the powder from the extinguisher
  • Based on the type of fire extinguisher place a tag near it.  It will be useful for the person during the time of the fire. It is advisable to write even the operating procedure of the fire extinguisher near to it. 
  • Check for the hazard area and replace the fire extinguisher if needed.