Overcome Your Dental Fear Through These Key Steps

Dentist Parramatta, dentist Wentworthville

What are your feelings when you think of scheduling an appointment with your dentist in Wentworthville? What are your emotions when you finally walk past the reception room with the din of the drill and a typical aseptic smell? How do you feel when a latex-clad hand invades into your mouth? 

Either you are shivering with chill of fear running down your spine, or you are scratching your head thinking whether you have scheduled your next dental cleaning. If you are like most of the people, then the very idea of visiting a dentist in the Parramatta clinic can make you feel uneasy. The feeling of uneasiness becomes strong if you have a terrible experience of dealing with a dentist.

dentist parramatta, dentist wentworthville
Dentist Helping Patients Overcome Dental Treatment Fear

The feeling of pain is the main reason why people feel nervous while visiting the dentist, and here we will talk about some effective ways to remove the nervousness.

Make your dentist aware about your nervousness

If you feel nervous about your pain, let the dentist in Wentworthville know that. He/she will comfortably apply anesthesia so that your sufferings are subdued. Are you afraid of needles? Laughing gas or Nitrous oxide can help you to relax your nerves. If that is not the perfect solution in your case, sedation dentistry is the answer.

However, in that case, you will need a designated driver to rescue you from the dentist’s chamber. That is usually considered as the best solution for people who can’t beat their irrational fear of visiting the dentist. 

Past experience

Bad past experience is the second most common reason for people becoming reluctant to visit the dentist in Parramatta. However, it might not have to be a dental sore or pain of the last visit. Sometimes the whole appointment might have left you unsettled or repulsed. Perhaps the bill was excessive, or the dentist’s chamber was not hygienic enough, the dentist was insensitive, or the assistant was irritating. 

Such cases do happen, and it’s no doubt unfortunate. However, these unwanted past experiences must not prejudice you against future dentist visits. You can right away talk to the dentist and the staff about your previous experience to make them understand what irritates you.  

Feeling of helplessness

If you are not able to move from the chair with a trap around your neck or you are not being able to talk can give rise to feelings like claustrophobia. If this is the same case with you, convey your feelings to the assistant at the very beginning. During the check-up process, please ask the dentist to excuse you from taking a break.  

Anxiety about your oral health

Maybe you have passed years without any oral cleaning. Perhaps you are out of treatment, and you feel ashamed or embarrassed by the worst state of your mouth. You might also be thinking that the dentist will feel irritated seeing your dental state. Get it point-blank; dental professionals have witnessed it all. Your unhealthy dental condition will not phase them, and it should not phase you too.   

It is clear till here that if you have any of the problems, they can all be cured. So, stop panicking before each dental visit and schedule your next appointment with a trustworthy dentist in Wentworthville