Achieve Elegance In Your Home Using Natural Timber Furniture

Natural Timber Furniture not only gives home cosiness, comfort and perfection but also is an indicator of the high status of the owner. These masterpieces of timber furniture will create an exclusive interior and atmosphere in your home, filled with warmth and harmony.

You can choose single elements, models, from the collection in one style or combine various options as you wish. Each tree has its energy and furniture. Solidity is a feature of oak furniture, and weightlessness is inherent in ash furniture, simplicity is characteristic of beech furniture. These unique properties will help give the room an appropriate temperament. Choose a species of wood for furniture that will create an environment in which you will be pleased to relax after a working day, study, work or have fun.

Solid wood furniture has some features that need to be considered when choosing suitable models for the interior. Therefore, it is advisable to determine the location in advance, especially when it comes to a massive headset. Hinged furniture (shelves, kitchen cabinets, etc.) is better to choose from lighter species, such as pine or spruce.

Advantages of natural timber furniture:

  • Environmental friendliness:

Indeed, in our age, the environmental friendliness of furniture can be considered a serious advantage. And the safety of wooden furnishings is confirmed by a long history of their use. For example, the same cannot be said about particleboard and many other materials. Natural timber furniture, by contrast, is environmentally friendly: this means that it does not contain harmful substances that can adversely affect human health (for example, formaldehyde).

  • Practicality:

Some of the advantages of natural timber furniture are associated with its operational characteristics. So, furniture from solid wood is much stronger than from composite materials (particleboard, fiberboard and MDF). Accordingly, the service life of such products is much longer. Besides, in the furniture industry uses types of wood that are most resistant to high humidity and are not susceptible to decay. Therefore, natural wood products are resilient and durable and, with proper care, maintain a presentable appearance throughout the entire service life.

  •  Aesthetics:

One of the most obvious advantages of unique timber furniture is its individuality. Solid wood furniture is decorated with a unique natural pattern of annual rings. And unlike other patterns, this coating will never go out of style. Natural wood furniture in the design of apartments is considered a classic. No less important is the fact that wood is perfectly combined with other materials and can organically fit into the most fashionable interior.

Natural timber is a unique material created by nature itself. It is believed that each breed has its energy, which affects humans. Neutral varieties of wood practically do not affect human well-being. Donor trees share their energy and can maintain vitality. As for the vampire breeds, being close to them can negatively affect your health. If the house has furniture made of such wood, do not be surprised if you feel a sudden breakdown or malaise.