Porcelain Veneers – Its Uses and Procedure Involved

Porcelain Veneers Parramatta

Due to our fast and hectic lifestyle, we are unable to find time to take care of our body. Due to the immediate influence of Western Culture, people have been working overtime in order to make a substantial amount of money and also consuming unhealthy food.

This is precisely why health issues have been increasing in the present generation. This unhealthy lifestyle also affects the quality of our teeth. Due to over consumption of fast food, sugar-based beverages and candies, people are starting to face serious oral health issues.

Veneers and its uses

Veneers are an artificial covering that is coated over damaged teeth to beautify its appearance. Veneers offer great solution in correcting these defects to a considerable extent. Following are some uses of veneers: –

  1. Broken tooth– Sometimes, people have teeth broken or chipped from the side or corners due to natural or accidental reasons. In this case, the complete orientation of the smile does not look appealing. Veneers provide a wide application in case of damaged teeth. The appropriate size of the veneer can help in covering those worn teeth. Porcelain veneers also look like real teeth. Thus, has gained popularity among dental patients. 
  2. Plaque– Plaque is the accumulation of white or yellowish kind of layer over teeth due to the excessive growth of bacteria. Alike worn teeth, plaque also affects the appearance of an individual. Therefore, these plaques get covered when veneers are applied over teeth.

Therefore, with the use of porcelain veneers Parramatta, anyone can have a beautiful smile and confidence without any disruption.

The procedure of employment of veneers

The steps involved in employing veneers on the teeth are:

  1. Preparation– This step involves the preparation of placing a veneer over the tooth. The upper layer of the tooth is trimmed to make some space for veneer in the roots. Some amount of this enamel is used for making veneer. In this stage of the procedure, some part of the tooth is also being cut down in case if someone has oversized or unorganized teeth. 
  2. Shade matching– After early preparation, the shade of teeth is matched in order to choose the veneer that looks natural in the jaw. This involves either a pre-manufactured veneer or a tooth shade card which is matched with the teeth of the person. 
  3. Molding– This process involves the preparation of mold of the jaw for the manufacturing of suitable veneers. It can be done in three ways- solid impression, optical scanning, and retraction cord. The solid impression process consists of some solid material such as putty or paste.This putty or paste is placed inside the mouth between the teeth to form a mold. Sometimes, a camera is used to scan the teeth structure that can be used later to construct veneers. This method is known as optical scanning.


  4. Sticking– With the help of mold, porcelain veneers Parramatta are made out. After the construction of suitable veneers comes the stage of sticking them onto the surface of the tooth. The veneers are joined by using some suitable dental adhesive.