Tips For Selecting The Best Marble Headstone

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Best marble monument headstone

The process of selecting a monument or designing your own monument is very challenging and difficult. In this article let us discuss some tips for making the selection process easy.

When selecting the monument you must give importance to design, style, and quality of the material used for making the monuments. Grave monument prices mainly depend on the material used and the design.

When selecting the monument select based on personal preferences. Before selecting the monument to think about whether you are going to buy only the headstone or the full monument.

A headstone is also called a gravestone and tombstone. A headstone will be placed on the head position of the grave. They are mostly fixed on the stone base’s top.

A headstone will not cover the full grave. The details related to the deceased will be marked on the headstone. Full type monument includes both base and headstone.

Most companies include stone curbing. It is used to create a border for the grave.

How grave monument prices are fixed? 

Some of the common types of headstone based on the style are a flat grave marker, flat tablet, sloper or desk tablet, and base & headstone.

Some of the main types of full monuments based on the style are listed below:

  • Single full monument: If you are selecting a monument for one person then single type full monument is the right option.
  •  Double full monument: If you are purchasing a full monument for a couple then the best option is a double full monument.
  • Triple full monument: It is used for the internment of three people.

Before deciding the shape and finish type of the monument, you must first choose the stone type. Some of the common types of stones used for making headstone and monuments are granite, bronze, slate, concrete, marble, limestone and sandstone.

Select the stone type based on your budget and other requirements. Granite is the common and popular material used for making monuments because of its benefits.

Some of the benefits of choosing granite headstone are listed below

  • Granite monuments and headstone last for many years when compared with the other stone type.
  • Granite monuments can withstand extreme weather conditions and are also resistant to erosions.
  • Monuments made up of granite require very little maintenance.
  • Granites are available in different colors so you can select one based on your need
  • Granite monuments are available in different finishes.

Granite headstone prices are more when compared with the marble headstone prices. If you are selecting a stone monument with less durability then you must spend extra money for its repair and maintenance since they erode faster.

The shape of the headstone is another important factor to be decided while purchasing a headstone.

Some of the common headstone’s shapes are book-shaped headstone, cross-shaped headstone, serpentine shape, half ogee shape, heart shape, and tear shape.

The appearance of the headstone is referred to as the finish. Some of the common headstone finishes are polishes, partial polish, pitch finish, and sawn finish.