Button Or Touch Screen Which Is More Engaging

The furious competition in the market and the busy schedules have made us prey to several gadgets today. We are dependent on so many gadgets around us. Your life seems difficult in their absence. Right from laptops to ATMs everything is turning digital and upgrading themselves to provide more comfort to its users. Gone are the days when buttons we an integral part of our phone, keyboards, way finders and kiosks. Nowadays Touchscreen is used everywhere to provide an enhanced experience to its users. The Digital touch screen is versatile and highly interactive as well. They compel you to engage appealingly. The High Definition videos, audios and visuals help you to get the desired information as per your convenience. The attention span to an interactive system with a touch screen is more compared to conventional button systems.

What are the advantages of Digital Touch Screens?

Here are some of the advantages of interactive touchscreens:

1) The Wow Factor

The touchscreen displays and units are attractive they appeal to the target audience effectively and persuade them to use them. They are highly innovative and bespoke. You can customize a Digital Touch Screen as per your business requisites. It helps you to efficiently position your brand. Touchscreen displays and kiosks are hi-tech gives your brand a cutting edge too.

2) Establish a connection

The touchscreen displays, kiosks and windows help you to interact with your target audience. Thereby helping you to generate their interest in your brand and gain their recognition as well. It gives liberty to your audience to explore the content and get the desired information as per their choice. It provides an exceptional immersive experience to the target audience and helps the brand to understand consumer behaviour too.

3) Clutter Breaking

Touch Screen displays can be used to creatively display your brand and meet the communication objectives. The fierce competition prevailing in today’s market has aroused the need to be different and increase product awareness as well. The touch screen can help you to gain a competitive advantage with its in-built Wow Factor. It provides a unique and memorable experience to the audience. A  recent study says that interactive touch screen can drive around 41% more footfall to your store, stall, event or premise. It keeps the audience engage for longer and attracts their attention as well. Digital Touch Screen helps to absorb the brand message and enhance the brand image as well.

The Digital Touch Screen can also be used to gather customer data by asking customers to upload their videos, images etc. This can helps business to get a better understanding of the audience and devise a marketing strategy and business strategy accordingly.

4) Engage with your Customers

Digital Touch Screen provides a great platform to establish a connect with the target audience and connect with them. It facilitates audience to explore your brand and knows more about your offerings.

Digital Touch Screen also allows smooth communication. They are highly preferred to communicate a complex message or information in a simple form. Simple storytelling in the form an attractive audiovisual can provide your audience with great information about your product and increase their interest too. Digital Touch Screen helps you to portray an innovative, dynamic and hi-tech image of your brand.

5) Helps to boost your Sales

Interactive Digital Touch Screen gives your business and brand the desired recognition. It helps you to efficiently portray the essence of your brand impressively. Recent research concluded that business using innovative and advanced media for brand communication have shown a growth of more than 30% yearly as compared to those using conventional media for their business communications. Digital Touch Screen helps to provide a favourable experience to the users and present your brand optimally.

6) Incredible Retail Experience

Touch Screen provides a flawless experience to its users. They have a positive impact on the image of the brand and the perception of the audience as well. They can be used to constantly inform the audience about the business, its products, services, offers, new launch and much more. It can be used as a great medium to constantly bombard the audience with your brand communication in a subtle yet interactive way. Digital Touch Screen enhances the overall retail experience of a customer and increases brand awareness as well.

What are the Types of Digital Touch Screen Systems?

1) Touch display

There is the wall-mounted touch display screens embed with Andriod Systems. They are used to provide information to the audience, product display, digital posters and much more. The high definition display and efficient Media play software facilitate high definition presentations and videos. The Digital Touch Screen window displays are widely used in event and conferences to provide desired information to the audience.

2) Touch Kiosk

Touch kiosks are widely used in retail stores, educational institution, railway station and other public places. They are also used as way finders and information centre. The Touch screen kiosks help you to get the desired information with regards to a product or service easily. They are highly interactive, durable, cost-effective and can be customized as well.

3) Touch Whiteboard

The touch White Board with Multi-touch option helps you to provide various draw-type information. It is compatible with Computer and supports major formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, Photos, and Videos. There are highly suitable for presentation as one product meets your several requirements with ease. The touch whiteboards are made from tempered glass and do not require much maintenance too.

4) Through Window

These types of Digital Touch Screen experience help a customer to find a property in front of your window. It turns to a preset mode if left untouched for more than two minutes. They are designed for 24/7 operations and have high brightness as well. You can customize the information displayed on the glass as per your requirement. They are enabled with advanced operating systems.

A business can benefit from the Digital Touch Screen in several ways. It is essential to use the right mix of media, build a highly informative and relevant content that impresses the audience, and persuade them to buy your product. A Digital Touch Screen experience can enhance your brand image and give you the desired competitive edge. A touchscreen is an advanced way to keep your audience updated with your business offering and enhance brand equity as well. The Digital Touch Screen can prove to be boon if used smartly in tandem with the latest technology and communication methods.