Cosmetic Dentistry – Aesthetic Components Of A Smile Makeover

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A smile is the best accessory for every personality. It enhances the vibe immediately and brings positivity. We exchange smiles with others while greeting them happily. This is the most convenient way of communication. A beautiful smile gives confidence as well but some people are not happy with their smiles. Gaps between teeth, discolouration and many more factors affect the happiness of people and their smiles. They lose their confidence while smiling and most probably avoid doing it. To bring back their confidence and happiness, there are the best cosmetic dentists in Westmead who offer their smile makeover services to the people who need to improve their smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures include dental veneers, teeth whitening, tooth implants and composite bonding. These methods are extremely useful in correcting all such flaws from people’s faces. These procedures can be customized considering the requirements of people. In Westmead, top dental surgeons properly analyze the issues of the patients and then suggest their best treatments. Smile-makeover involves a proper check of colour, alignment and balance of the teeth. 

There are few more attributes of teeth that are evaluated by the cosmetic dentist when planning the smile makeover which is as follows:

1) Length of a Tooth:

Adequate length of teeth brings youthfulness to one’s smile. On the other hand, short teeth are a symbol of ageing. Gummy smiles also are a result of shorter teeth. Cosmetic dentists improve the teeth length by increasing it using reshaping techniques. Composite bonding and porcelain veneers are the methods that are used to modify the teeth length and improve smile as a result. Laser dentistry is also beneficial for reducing the gummy area and thus lengthening the appearance of teeth. Other methods like crown lengthening can also be considered for the complete smile makeover. Facial appearance gets improved by teeth lengthening and brings slimming effects. In Westmead, dentists prefer this option while giving a smile makeover to their clients and patients as it produces sure-shot results.

2) Smile Line:

Most of the dentists in Westmead consider smile lines as a reference of standard. It is considered that the curve of the upper lip and smile line must be the same. The smile line is a hypothetical line that gets generated by following the edges of upper teeth. This helps dentists in determining the required length extension of teeth. Cosmetic dentists visualize the smile with the help of the curves and then successfully get the desired results on their patients’ faces.

3) Tooth Proportions:

Cosmetic dentists properly examine the teeth of the client and check the proportion. By standards, an ideal smile is one where the central front two teeth are dominating and have a ratio of four-five width to length. This proportion is considered aesthetically correct and thus the smile line appears in perfect balance. In Westmead, dentists focus on this proportion and try to correct it with other dental procedures. 

4) Tooth Texture and Characterization:

Expert dentists are capable of providing the smile making it feminine and masculine as per the gender requirement. They can characterize the crowns and veneers to match the appearance of natural teeth. In Westmead, cosmetic dentists focus on the texture of patients’ teeth and try to maintain the originality without giving an artificial look.