How to choose the right bathroom suite?

bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities can be the right choice if you have thought of a powder room or master bath remodel. The most significant advantage is that it has a lot of space for storing things like accessories and everyday products. You can also save your cleaning equipment needed in the bathroom. 

It is very functional compared to the pedestal sink offering no shelf space. The drawers that are built-in and shelves are a crucial benefit of the bathroom vanities. The best area to risk the design is powder rooms. This is because most of the bathroom might have been streamlined. These means bathroom vanities are made using standard updated dazzling sinks and faucets.  

You don’t have a simple option in choosing a perfect well-sized vanity bathroom. This is because they come in different sizes and styles. 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches of width for the bathroom vanities single sinks are the standard bathroom vanity sizes. 60 and 72 inches are for the double sink bathroom vanities. Standard bathroom vanities also have a 32 and 36 inches of height and a depth of 21 inches.

Starting from 24 inches going to 30,36,48,60 and 72 inches are the sizes of a typical cabinet width. The height of the standard vanity will be from 30 to 36 inches. The depth, on the other hand, will go from 20 inches to 24 inches. The sizes will depend on the designs and style you appeal to your eyes. Bathroom vanities do come with two different styles depending on their dimensions;

  • Freestanding
  • Built-in

The freestanding vanities come in various styles and are excellent in small spaces. For the large areas, you can go with the built-ins. Typically they offer more countertop storage and space. You can select what suits your preferences in the bathroom layout.

  • Bathroom Vanities are large – they are 48 to 96 inches and are best suited for the double sink. They come with extra space, and it suits the large bathrooms.
  • Medium Vanity sizes – They are suited for the single sink baths with extra storage having a bigger counter space.
  • Small vanity sizes – They, on the other hand, suite for a single sink and are for the smaller bathrooms.

When going for the vessel sink, look for the vanity on shorter ends of the ranges. This is because most vessel sinks add an additional five to six inches. The inches are added to the height.

Depth of the Standard bathroom vanities

The bottom has a range of 20 to 23 inches. Twenty-one inches is considered as the standard bathroom vanities. It is the most commendatory size for average bathroom vanity. Thus the market has the average vanity depths depending on the merit size. (20 to 23 inches.) You can have the shallower depth sized vanities starting from 18 to 16 inches for the layout of narrow bathrooms. But to your design, you can also go for the vanity of 8 inches. The quintessential corner bathroom has a vanity depth of 24 to 18 inches. To have a clear picture, the bathroom vanity depth should be measured. The back is measured to the front, and so is the thickness of drawers and doors. Remember to have the gap required for the fillers if you are planning on having them. 

A filler (filler strip) can be described as a segment of wood that is used for closing the gaps in between the wall and the vanity. You can design and build the sizes generalizing it on its aesthetics and general usage. Depth is a crucial factor coming to the availability of storage space in the bathroom vanity. Expanding depth is the only option for more storage. This is because you cannot make the bathroom vanity shorter or taller and use it comfortably.

Height of the standard bathroom vanities

Thirty-two inches is the standard bathroom vanity height. Depending on your height, its height will put the surface of the countertops at a waist-high. It can also be lower. The bathroom vanity’s height will depend on how you place the mirror, faucets, power outlet, and lighting. 

You also have to consider the average height of other users. A 32-inch bathroom vanity is good to go with if you are building a family bathroom.

Sizes of the bathroom vanity sink

Standard oval bathrooms and round bathroom sinks usually have diameters of 16 inches to 20 inches. The average depth is 5 inches to 8 inches. The wideness is from 19 inches to 24 inches, and the length is 16 inches to 23 inches. You should consider the space limitation, height of the users, and its general usage.

Double Bathroom Vanity standard sizes

Two sinks will bring a big difference. It will save up on time. Imagine you and your partner, everyone, on their sink how much time will be saved. It is convenient and suitable to design a 60-inch countertop or 72 inches. If space is cramped, imagine having a 48-inch countertop.

Finding the desired bathroom vanity size. Have a clear vision of the purpose of the bathroom vanity. A scale of 18 to 48 inches will be the required size of any bathroom vanity. 

In case of extra space, use it on toiletries countertops. For the master bath, the double sink bathroom vanity is a top idea that is if there is no issue of space. You can go with either the 60 or 72 inches. If the countertops space is not the priority, then a 48 inch is the best to go with, I presume. If you are considering having a lot of storage space, later, you can try an ample cabinet vanity space. Otherwise, try vanity towers; they are the latest in the market. It is easier to install. It can be installed above the vanity or counter, and the size of vanity won’t be increased. It won’t take a lot of space. You should make certain space if left for people’s entry and opening the shower doors. You will have to make sure the bathroom vanity does not interrupt the traffic flow.