How to Choose the Stair Railing Height?


Typically while designing a staircase or building a staircase, only the big factors are taken into consideration.  Most of the time we ignore the details like railing and building code which we had to respect. However, the demand for handrails is grown over the years and the Australian suburbs like Sydney are catering to the needs sufficiently.

What is the Standard Handrail Height in Australia?

In this article, we will see all the minute factors that we generally ignore and also very appealing stair railing ideas. These ideas will be an inspiration for future projects.

The building code mandates that the height of the handrails in Sydney should be 34 to 38 inches. The height is normally calculated about the stairs and the measurement is taken from the very end of the stair tread that is in a completely vertical line. 

Office Stair:

There are everyday designs of the stair railing. They are very neat and clean. There is nothing unwanted in the stairs or the railings. It just serves the purpose to the fullest. It is very good for a very formal and neat office look. They look very classy and it is easy to work with.

One railing staircase:

There are some designs of the stairs which uses only one railing. One important detail here is that the minimum distance between the handrails and the wall. The minimum mandatory distance should be 31 ½ inches. 

Most of the modern staircases have only one handrail. This measurement makes the overall design look very simple and also there is very minimum décor included in this design.

Two railing staircase:

When the staircase bears two railings, there should be a minimum distance between them which measures up to a minimum of 27 inches. This will ensure enough space for a person to walk and carry the items up and down the stairs. 

The landings should also be given importance. The landings are the intermediary sections within the sections of the staircase. It can also be called as the terminal sections at the top of the stairs. Whenever the drop off is more than 30 inches down, it is very essential to install a guard. The minimum height for this should be 36 inches. If needed many different styles can be added to it.

Top Rails:

It is very important to install stainless steel handrails Sydney on the top section of the staircase. It is for all the safety reasons. The treads that are located at the bottom can manage without a guard rail. But be sure to know about the building code in full and then do the needful. 

Projection of Railing from the Wall

It means how far the stainless steel handrails Sydney should be away from the wall. Exactly, the railings from the wall should project more than 4 &1/2 inches from the wall. This rule applies to all types of railings. One important aspect of modern designs is a concern for natural light.

So, transparent glass rails and sleek guards are used. Another significant aspect is the distance between the handrail and the wall. The measurement is 1 &1/2 inch so that it can be easily held by hand completely especially in the event of a fall or a slip.