The Advantages Of Different Waterproofing Products

waterproofing products

When it comes to waterproofing products, the first name that comes to mind is that of the polyurethane products. These products come with several advantages. They are rather easy to install and the same goes for their maintenance as well. With these products, you do not have to deal with issues such as welds, laps, and seams. These are durable products that we are talking about over here and therefore, they provide you a resistance to wear and tear that cannot be matched by other products. These happen to provide a significant amount of resistance to skidding as well.        

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It also helps that these products come with a superb finish, which makes sure that the product does not retain any dirt. This is a major reason why polyurethane has become so popular as waterproofing products in Australia. It also helps that these membranes can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. You can apply them easily at the likes of ramps, podia, decks, and roofs. You can use them for both domestic as well as commercial projects. 


The next name on this list would be that of acrylics. Now there are several reasons why they are held in such regard as waterproofing products. They offer to you a seamless finishing. As soon as you set the product on the surface they get attached to the same. They are stretchable and can recover well too. This means that you have a greater degree of adhesion as well as stability on the surface. These products are not that flexible. This means that they do not move as much. This is yet another advantage of these membranes. They can be applied easily at locations where it is difficult to do sheet waterproofing.

It also helps that you can apply acrylic products easily at places that are otherwise difficult to reach. This includes the likes of roof penetration as well as balconies. 

Torch applied waterproofing membranes

As far as waterproofing products go, the torch applied waterproofing membranes are pretty important as well. They come with some great qualities such as stickiness and high viscosity. This is what makes them the right adhesive that you need for your waterproofing job. You can use them at different locations such as below ground surfaces as well as roofs, bridges, and basements. They are self-adhesive as well. This is one more factor that makes them such great options for waterproofing work. 

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The torch applied waterproofing products come with several other advantages that have made them so popular. They can resist the extremities of weather rather easily. This means that no matter how cold or hot it is you can trust them to withstand the same without much if any, damage. As you would know already, these products are made from bitumen. Bitumen in itself has several great mechanical properties. They help it resist the likes of damages and punctures with consummate ease.