The Guide For Air Conditioner Maintenance 

Effective Air Conditioning Maintenance in Katoomba

There can be damage to the unit with a reduced cooling capacity if the service and clean up of the air conditioner are neglected. Here’s a guide for air conditioning maintenance in Katoomba

For the air conditioner to work efficiently and for its effective operation, it is necessary to service the parts of the air conditioner and to perform the regular maintenance.

Clean up of the air filters 

The normal airflow can get obstructed and reduce the cooling capacity of the air conditioner if there are dirty and clogged air filters. The air flowing in bypasses the filter, if the filter is dirty. This may result in dirt being carried away directly to the evaporator coil. Consequently, the cooling coils may get soiled.  Ideally, air filter cleaning should be done once monthly for the proper functioning of the air conditioner and any kind of air conditioning maintenance in Katoomba. There is proper cooling if the air filters are cleaned regularly. If you have furry pets at your home then it is very important to carry out the air filter cleaning regularly.

Unclogging the drain 

Sometimes, the drain at the rear end gets clogged. This may result in the collection of water inside the air conditioner and there is no space for the water to leave and drip down from any of the openings. Ultimately, there will be an increase in the humidity level in the room due to the absence of vents inside the air conditioner. 

Evaporator coil cleaning of air Conditioning in Katoomba

If the air filter is clean, then the cooling coils will be protected from dust and dirt. However, some dirt and debris may still get deposited on the coils with the passage of time. Ultimately, the heat-absorbing capacity of the coils gets reduced due to this deposition and covering. The room cooling process may get affected because of this. So, it is mandatory to clean the evaporator coils and go for a service at least once, yearly. 

Covering up the compressor unit 

It is advised to cover up the compressor unit of your air conditioner during the winters. At this time, the air conditioner is not in use and there are chances of the entrance of dust, dirt, and debris inside the compressor unit. So, the compressor unit that is placed outside has to be covered up with a cloth to protect it and further prevent air conditioning repairs in Katoomba

Maintaining the condenser coil 

The condenser coils may get soiled due to the dusty environment outside and the falling leaves.The hot air and heat may not get dissipated due to the presence of dust and debris. The condenser and the compressor may get heated due to poor heat dissipation. Hence, it is good to go for the cleaning of the condenser coil once, yearly. This allows the condenser to work efficiently. If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently and provide proper cooling, then follow the air conditioning maintenance in Katoomba. Regular maintenance will keep your air conditioner in proper condition.