Know About The Popular Sydney Bath And Tapware Brands


If you are thinking of buying bath and tapware products, it is important to have a general idea about the brands available in the market. Here in this blog, we have briefed some of the popular brands, so that you can make the right decision when purchasing bath and tapware in Sydney. 

TOTO: It is the latest brand from Japan. This brand has completely changed the thought of how the toilet and bathroom could be. Be it sustainability, hygiene, comfort or design, TOTO technologies use the latest design and cutting edge techniques for creating their products. It is one of the popular brands in the Sydney market. The TOTO provides a lot of functions like deodorizer, instant heated seat, auto flush, open or close lid and an exclusive wand for cleaning. If you are looking for more options, ensure to check with your Sydney bath and tapware dealer. 

VICTORIA + ALBERT: Being a British Brand, VICTORIA + ALBERT is passionate about creating countertop basins and freestanding baths. They aim to maintain their position as market leaders and product developers by constantly updating their brand and keeping ahead of other bathroom designs. If you want to have a luxurious bathroom in your office or house, you need to consider VICTORIA + ALBERT. Ensure to check the website of top Sydney bath and tapware dealers to get an idea about their products. 

PARISI: Known for superior quality Italian products, each of PARISI products are strictly tested in modern and high tech facilities before delivering to customers. PARISI is known for its excellent bathroomware products since the 90s. They became popular with launching Lava Wash Basins. PARISI products are an excellent choice if you want to fix a high-quality bath and tapware. Their products offer both luxury and optimum craftsmanship along with innovative design for the kitchen or bathroom. 

HANSGROHE: HANSGROHE satisfies your bath and tapware requirements with premium products. They have been partnering with top designers for several years to produce sustainable products to the community. They have won repeated international design awards for their product design and features. They produce excellent shower and tapware products. Each of their products is known to last for years since they are delivered after testing various strict standards. If you want a superior quality bath and basin mixers, kitchen sink mixers, diverters and thermostats, shower sets, and overhead showers, you need to consider the HANSGROHE brand. 

When purchasing bath and tapware, it is best to research online first. This way, you can easily get sufficient ideas about the latest brands, models, and prices. Most people directly visit the stores and end up purchasing at a high price. When you research online, you will know about the latest products and features. Also, ensure to read blogs associated with bath and tapware. So, you can get to know about the product’s pros and cons. All the dealers will not explain the pros and cons. Also, buy from a trusted bathroom dealer.