Effective Ways to Use Stone Slabs

stone benchtop

When it comes to using stone slabs in homes, you will have several choices to choose from. Stone slabs have several colours patterns and patterns than any other slab you will think of in the market. This, therefore, makes it easy to find the perfect fit for any style of your choice. Natural stones have the uncanny ability to span different styles with different colour combinations with vein moment. The different granite colours strengthen the designs of the space primarily for all patterns in various earth tones like those in the western states. However, there are some significant reasons for using stone slabs in Sydney.

Kitchen Countertop

The stone slab kitchen countertop is the most popular. The countertops look great in the kitchen, they wear well, easy to clean, and have a high value when compared to other countertops available in the market today.

Bathroom Vanity

Regardless of the size of the bathroom in terms of cabinet size, a stone slab is the most common material used in the countertops for good reasons. Its wide variety of patterns makes it the best choice as it feels more intimate and personal. Marble the most popular choice when it comes to the choice of bathrooms. Its thinner thickness, simple edge as well as smooth vein pattern in the bathroom with a natural stone element

Shower Surround

Shower surround is becoming a constant challenge because of the large amounts of water that leads to leaks and other potential problems. Therefore, the best solution for shower walls is the installation of stone slabs. The stone slabs are resistant to water and simple to clean. This thus eliminates the grout joints that possess serious weaknesses while in the shower and ensures the shower is well protected against residues and soap.

Stone slabs have stunning colours as well as a movement; they also add great interest to a boring bathroom. In master bedrooms where the bathtub is separate from the shower, granite can be extended around the tub as well as the tube deck. This will coordinate the surface and create matching colours from the variety of the available options.

Table Top

For a true piece of furniture, stone slabs interest and adds practicality to the surface. You may choose to replace the tool with a desk buffer or a console. An expected piece of furniture to have a granite top with the expected colours is by selecting a well-informed colour to achieve such a look. Marble goods are commonly used on buffets and other servicing pieces but with the same reason as stone since they are durable, unlike glass.

Outdoor Kitchen

Granite countertops are durable, easy to clean, and they make a perfect solution for outdoor kitchens. Both the covered and uncovered granite kitchen stones have the capability of resisting 

Generally, the stones slabs make the surface amazing and free from materials that may destroy the surface. The stones slabs in Sydney are also easy to clean and maintain and long-lasting.