Thinking about death can be a sad and also very morbid affair for most people. But this is the only moment in life that we are sure will come, and it is better to be prepared with a Best headstone for graves.

After hiring a funeral plan, choosing a coffin or urn, flowers, cemetery, and headstones for graves, stop and think – what phrase would you like to have written on your headstone?

Had you never realized that? Then we separate some examples of headstone phrases that can be fun, nostalgic, famous or related to the profession. Check out!

Tombstone Headstone For Graves Phrases: Miss You

Death is a time of sadness for family members of those being buried. But there are those who, with joy and good humor, make this moment a little more memorable with headstones for graves.

  • Cowards die several times before they die, but the brave man experiences death only once. William Shakespeare.
  • Those we love never die, they just leave before us. Beloved Nerve.
  • Homesickness is what makes things stop in Time. Mario Quintana.
  • Do not live for your presence to be noticed, but for your absence to be missed. Bob Marley.
  • Longing for the living is gentle pain. Camilo.

Tombstone phrases: Funny

Inscribed on headstones for graves, the epitaph is usually a short text that describes and honors a person who has died.

It summarizes information about family, career and even some important accomplishments. But it’s not always so.

It is hard to imagine that something so serious can be funny or curious, but some people maintain their mood even after death.

  • Hypochondriac: Didn’t I say I was sick?
  • Hero: I ran the wrong way.
  • Cartoonist: He left without a trace.
  • Mountaineer: Up every saint helps.
  • Allergic: Flowers in the grave on the side. I’m allergic to pollen.

Tombstone phrases: Profession

Yes, death is almost always painful and mysterious for those who stay. But that does not mean that it cannot be seen lightly, leaving good memories of those who left.

In countries where tombs have phrases in honor of the dead, many people leave humorous phrases as their last wish. Know the headstone prices and choose the perfect design. 

  • Psychoanalyst: Eternity is just an unresolved superiority complex.
  • Policeman: What are you looking at? Put your hands up!
  • Archaeologist: Anyway, fossil.
  • Social Worker: Somebody out there, help me!
  • Obstetrician: Dying is childbirth.

Tombstone Phrases: Famous

  • “Time doesn’t stop. It passes by. I just passed with it”
  • “Here lies (dead person’s name), who was born a man and died a boy.” 
  • “He was a poet, he dreamed and he loved life.” 
  • “Back to the ashes.” 
  • “And now, what are you going to laugh at?” 

A headstone for graves phrase can seem like a complicated task. However, one factor to be considered is the personality of the departed and their tastes.

Choose the size of the headstone depending on the headstone prices and materials, be it marble, granite, ceramic, etc.

When it comes to the tombstone material, it depends on two primary aspects – what is your budget, and the design.