Why online & traditional marketing are completely different

You are an entrepreneur and have a website. What can you better invest in online marketing or traditional marketing? If you have to believe most online marketers, you’re going for online marketing anyway. The world in which we live is increasingly becoming a digital world. Everyone is online and every company has a website or web shop. You no longer attract customers in the traditional spammy way. Instead, you use attraction to get and engage customers. Push has been exchanged for pull and expensive TV commercials have partly given way to cheaper online marketing campaigns.

In this blog you will read extensively about the differences between online marketing and traditional marketing. Both completely different marketing methods naturally have their advantages. After reading this blog you will know what is the best option for you. Will it be Digital marketing or traditional marketing?

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The differences between online marketing & traditional marketing

The question “what is online marketing?” was not answered quickly. Online marketing includes many marketing methods. It does not just search engine ads and website ads. It includes all online methods of attracting, attracting, retaining and retaining customers. Online marketing does the same as traditional marketing. At least, the goals such as bringing in and retaining customers are the same. The road to it differs.

There is one big difference between online marketing and traditional marketing: online marketing is measurable. Websites and online advertisements all consist of data. Views, clicks, conversions and other consumer behavior can be tracked and analyzed online in detail. The advantage of this? With the customer and website data, you can make your online marketing methods even better so that the return of investment (ROI) is even higher. Why is this so easy in online marketing? Because the costs are very low anyway and you can improve the focus on your specific customer with data analysis.


Besides the fact that online marketing is perfectly measurable, there are even more differences compared to traditional marketing.

With online marketing you can start almost immediately. Of course with the necessary expertise. Because online marketing uses the so-called pull strategy, it is extra important to work meticulously. In this way, even very specific niche target groups are reached and properly stimulated to buy a product or service or at least to contact your company. The contact has been made! Without having to print expensive TV commercials or an expensive ad for a magazine or newspaper. Everything is measurable. How often are you noticed, what works and what works less well, and what opportunities can you take to achieve high conversions and turnover?

The threshold for traditional marketing is simply higher. You need a bigger budget and then it remains to be seen what the campaign will bring you. Of course, a TV commercial always delivers customers, but what is ultimately below the line, the net profit, is much more important to your company. It is also important to score in the long term if you want continuity for your company.

Why online marketing?

In the past when traditional marketing was the marketing method, you placed an advertisement in a newspaper or showed a commercial on TV. The target audience was, especially on primetime, in front of the tube. And, everyone read a newspaper. Now the world has changed. Instead of watching TV when programs are broadcast, we watch series and movies on demand. The newspaper? It is less and less read, the figures do not lie. In the last five years, the number of readers of national newspapers has decreased by 14% and the number of readers of regional newspapers has decreased by 23% (Source: NOM Printmonitor). Where is your target group then? 

Why online marketing? The answer is simple: this is where your target group is located. Whether your target group is very small and specific or if your target group is ‘the masses’, it is best to reach this target group online. Finding the right TV channel or the right newspaper for your target group is no longer necessary. 92% of people are online and you can achieve them perfectly with the right tools and resources!

Advantages of online marketing

With data analyzes and the settings of your online marketing campaign you reach your target group, no matter how specific it is. Don’t ignore people who don’t belong to your target group. This way you only pay for effective marketing. This in itself is an advantage of online marketing. Online marketing offers more possibilities.

Traditional ad vs online ad


Someone from your target group sees your advertisement in a newspaper. Your product or service is offered, and the person reached is interested. However, it is not yet fully convinced, because the advertisement does not state everything immediately. For example, it only says a ‘starting price’. The conditions are not mentioned at all. And there is a term in it that raises questions in the person. What is happening? Perhaps the person is so interested and curious that he or she goes to the store for the product. It is also possible that this takes too much effort. After all, the person is not convinced by the ambiguities that he or she is interested. So, he or she does nothing.

If we consider this case in an online scenario, this completely changes the outcome:

The person sees an ad online. This appeals to him or her completely, because the advertisement is shown. After all, the person had searched for information about the product online the day before. The starting price sounds enticing. However, the person wonders what exactly the product costs with the specifications that he or she wishes. He or she would also like to read more information about that term that he or she does not fully understand. In other words, he or she is not yet completely convinced. No problem: he or she clicks on the ad, because you can click on it for more prices, conditions and more information. There is the customer: directly on your page about the product in question. Everything you need to convince the customer is listed here. The customer is in!

Is the customer not yet over the line? Online marketing also offers an opportunity for this: remarketing! 

In summary: why online marketing has more possibilities

  • Online marketing is measurable. Online marketing can thus be used very effectively, leading to a higher ROI.
  • Anyone can take steps with online marketing, because compared to a high budget for traditional marketing, online marketing mainly requires knowledge and time.
  • With online marketing you build long-term relationships. You also opt for continuous income.
  • You can reach your real customer perfectly online and also only pay for targeted marketing.
  • Conversions as a result of online marketing are much higher, because the marketing is based on data and is therefore much more effective.
  • Almost every target group can be reached perfectly online with online marketing, because 92% of the population is regularly online.

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