Different Types Of Alarm Monitoring Services

alarm monitoring services

Modern telecommunications has been a boon to the security services providing companies globally. Numerous programmable alarm systems are now available that can be connected to your smartphones or computers for continuous monitoring of these alarms through the internet. Various alarm monitoring companies perform this task.

Central Monitoring Services

Central Monitoring Services is one of the most popular alarm monitoring services used in houses or offices all over Australia, especially Sydney. This is one of the most comprehensive services that provide complete peace of mind since you know that somebody is watching over your place all the time 24 x 7. In this service, all your home security systems and their alarms are connected with a centrally located monitoring system through the internet. So, if there is an alarm triggered at your place by either fire or theft, the centrally located monitoring service provider shall also get the alarm and can act immediately. This system can thus provide the first line of action immediately in case of an emergency. 

The central monitoring service provider also checks whether there is any false alarm triggered and immediately contacts you. Under this system, your home security system, the Z-Wave devices and the cameras are all connected through a common app that can be viewed on a smartphone or a web portal. Mostly the popular transmission formats like IP, radio, wireless, and dial-up are used by alarm monitoring services providers. However, some companies offer proprietary transmission formats. 

If you do not want a comprehensive central monitoring service, the alarm monitoring services company provides basic interactive service that is suitable for self-monitoring or advanced interactive service that provides 24×7 sensor monitoring and customized notification options. 

Some services that these companies provide are:

types of home security services

  • Security Alarm Monitoring

 – Any break-in in your homes is detected by the motion detectors and alarms are triggered. The security alarm monitoring service helps you detect such break-ins almost instantaneously so that you can take appropriate actions.

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring –

 The fire detection and smoke detection sensors detect any smoke in your house and trigger a fire alarm. A Fire Alarm Monitoring system gives a trigger to the nearest fire station so that any harm to life or property caused by the fire is minimized. 

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)–

 This service is generally used for elder people living in their houses alone. The PERS triggers a call to the central monitoring location where they have trained personnel to deal with any kind of medical situation. 

  • Environmental, Industrial & Critical Process Monitoring – 

This service is used in industries like petrochemicals, oil & gas, chemicals, food processing, etc. Chemical detectors detect any leakage of gas or chemicals and trigger appropriate actions. There are detectors to determine the quality of air, water nearby industries to monitor the environmental impact of these factories. 

Sydney has numerous home security monitoring service providers that provide these and many more services in and around its suburbs. Leading companies not only provide the alarm monitoring services but have now gone a step forward to thoroughly analyze data from alarm systems to provide data analytics, event signalling by using innovative techniques.