What to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished Laptop?


When buying a refurbished laptop, you should understand that you are saving yourself a lot since you are sure to spend less. Refurbished laptops have one significant advantage over the new ones, and that is through prices. Moreover, this advantage often becomes the determining factor in the matter of making a purchase. In particular, cost plays a significant role for business users who use expensive equipment in their work, as well as for companies that aim to equip the entire office with productive PCs.

What to consider before buying a refurbished laptop?

Visual inspection

Before buying a refurbished laptop, make an external inspection. Check if the case is cracked. In most cases, it is connected with a laptop crash, hence. As a result, the motherboard, hard drive, and screen may be damaged. Unscrewed or missing bolts on the back of the case may indicate poor-quality handicraft repair.

  •   Turn on and see if there are vertical stripes or dead pixels on the screen
  •   Boot the system and press all keys, including function and service keys. There should be a reaction to every press
  •   Check the operation of USB ports. Insert a flash drive. 
  •   Check wifi and ethernet network settings
  •   Check the operation of a DVD drive by inserting a cd, and then DVDs
  •   Remove the battery and inspect the contacts on the battery and the side of the motherboard. There should be no signs of corrosion
  •   Turn on the laptop. It’s good if the battery holds at least about an hour
  •   Cooling check: the cooler should work quietly, without signs of vibration; the fan must be dust-free


Check the memory of the hard drive

Internal inspection

This is the biggest problem for the buyer. The seller most likely will not want to open the laptop, explaining that he has already passed “pre-sale training.” But again, due to trust issues, you should only work with people you know.

Why do I need an internal inspection?

  •   When buying a refurbished laptop, it is necessary to know whether the laptop was under repair, when and       what was being repaired. There is always a chance that the problem may recur.
  •   The laptop could not be having the exact specifications you want. Therefore, inspecting it is the best idea. 
  •   There may be blown capacitors, which will affect the stability of the work. They need to be changed. 

The performance of the device can be checked as follows:

Body: When working with a laptop, tilt the device first to the left, then to the right, there should be no interference in the image;

Keyboard: Open a regular notepad and start pressing all the keys in a row

Heat: Check the processor and video card for temperature. This can be done using a special test, for example, the Aida64 program.

Check battery performance: This can be done using the same AIDA64 program, which shows the degree of wear and the time of residual work. Or just some time to work on a laptop – the battery charge should decrease linearly and gradually.