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There is no doubt to the fact that having a root canal is one such thing which people dread and it is at the same time very difficult to know whether you need a root canal or not. If you are also confused that you need a root canal or a simple dental filling, then read the below-stated signs to be sure. 

Signs you need a root canal?

  1. Persistent pain in the tooth 

One of the easiest ways to figure out that you need a root canal rather than a simple tooth feeling is persistent pain. If you have been feeling a persistent pain which is causing your difficulty and uneasiness, then there are high chances that you would need to get a root canal done. There are many best dental clinics in Miranda, where you can consult dentists regarding the same. 

  1. Do you have a cracked or chipped tooth?

It is important to ask yourself if you have a chipped or cracked tooth. If yes, then you may require a root canal because in most of the cases, when a tooth becomes hollow or gets broken in a way that it can no longer have its own support, a root canal is the only option left at that time. 

  1. Your tooth becomes sensitive to heat and cold

If you notice that your affected tooth has become extremely sensitive to heat and cold, then it is probably time that you should visit your nearest dental clinic in Miranda before it gets worse and get the root canal done on time. 

There will also be situations when you feel a sensation of extreme pain if you consume things like cold drinks, hot tea & coffee, sticky or sweet food items. All of this is an indication that you should undergo treatment of the root canal as soon as possible. 

  1. The gum area around the infected tooth is swollen 

In case, you notice any swelling around the gum area of the infected tooth, then you should be sure that the only solution to this is a root canal. Also, one should note that when gums are swollen, it means that there is some serious dental problem beneath the gums which need immediate treatment from a dentist. 

  1. Is the decay very deep?

Another easy way to figure out the severity of the tooth problem is by checking if the tooth decay is deep or not. If you find out that the decay has reached the surface of your gum, then a root canal is the only option available. 

If you are having any such dental problem, then try to find out the actual problem by considering the above-mentioned information. If you discover signs that you would need a root canal then there is no need to panic as everything can be controlled in today’s date and you can get rid of all such dental problems. All you have to do is visit the dental clinic right on time before the matters get worse.