Tips To Measure And Install Sunscreen Blinds Used In Sydney

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Sometimes, you may not know the exact ways to measure the space you want to install a sunscreen blind. However, this is not a very difficult task. If you follow these tips you will find measuring the sunscreen blinds used in Sydney very easy. Start with measuring the width of the space and make proper notes of the tape measure. Just make sure whether or not you want the sunscreen blinds inside or outside the reveal, though most of the people prefer installing it within the reveal. When you measure the width, measure it wood to wood inside the window reveal. This will ensure perfect fitting of the sunscreen blinds.

Tips to measure

The width should be measured at three different heights but take the smallest measurement. This will ensure that the sunscreen blinds used in Sydney do not bow or warp on the window frame. Also, measure the bottom in the middle as well as the top. If your window is wide, take help of another person to hold one end of the measuring tape accurately for you. Next, you must measure the drop for the sunscreen blind. This is a comparatively easy process than measuring the width. Measure one spot on the sill holding the tape perpendicular to it. You do not need to very accurate with this measurement because the blind will come with a little extra fabric.

Installing the sunscreen blinds

The sunscreen blinds used in Sydney is very easy to install. Follow a few specific steps that are applicable to almost all types of sunscreen blinds. Make sure that you install it within the window reveal. First, start with assembling the necessary stuff required to install the sunscreen blinds successfully like a professional. This includes the screws supplied, a matching screwdriver or a power drill. In addition to that, you will also need a tape measure, a step ladder, and a pencil.

Fix the brackets

Once you are ready with the tools, you must now focus on fixing the brackets. You will have two brackets for every sunscreen blind. Each of these brackets may look different from the other in the pair. One bracket is used to control the chain end of the sunscreen blinds used in Sydney. The other bracket is used for the pin end or idle end of the blind. Hold these on the reveal to visualize the best place for it to go. This will ensure that the fall of the fabric will be free from the handles and fall inside the reveal.

Fixing the blind

Once you are done with the brackets, it is time to set the sunscreen blinds. Measure it will so that it falls within the same depth of the reveal. It should be equal from window to window and from side to side. Read the manual to take care of the control chain and its orientation. The best way to install the sunscreen blinds used in Sydney perfectly is to drill some pilot holes so that it helps in fixing the screws easily as well as prevent wood splitting.