Different Types Of Hearing Aids

There are many types of hearing aids available in the market today. The options provided are unlimited and one can suit it according to his lifestyle. Though there are many brands of hearing aids in Rockdale, one must make sure they choose according to their health conditions and not by mere brands. Before finalizing a hearing brand, ensure to consult your audiologist in Rockdale for only they will guide you accordingly.

The hearing aids are not just about its style or brands but about its program and how much it aids an individual. The following are a few of the hearing aid options which must be double-checked by your audiologist in Rockdale.

Getting along with invisibility

People do not want their hearing aids to be seen by others and would prefer to hide it from their view. Though most people argue about nothing is wrong with hearing aids been seen by others, few people prefer to keep it closed. It is mostly because of the fear that it would highly affect the interaction and would make one feel uncomfortable.

Invisible in Canal (IIC)

IIC is known to be one of the best hearing aids in Rockdale. These models are invisible and are designed to have a handle or a small stick poking out of the canal so that one can remove and insert the aid. IIC is safe and can be worn 24/7, but one must take necessary precautions as suggested by the audiologist in Rockdale.

Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE or the Behind the Ear are those hearing aids that are reliable, easy to use and is suitable for people of all age groups and hearing loss levels. It comes with a case that contains a processor, microphone, battery, and amplifier. As the name suggests, this model is designed to sit behind the ear which is a connected sound tube that is attached to the ear canal. They are shaped in the dome and allow the natural sounds in. BTE gives the freedom to an audiologist in Rockdale to program the frequencies depending on the hearing loss.

In the Ear (ITE)

ITE is the one of the top hearing aids in Rockdale that are worn in the canal, in the ear, invisible in the canal, or completely in the canal. These models are designed to fit all the battery, microphone, receiver, and processor in one unit. This type of hearing aid is best suited for people suffering from hearing loss that ranges between mild to moderate. They are very small in their design making it invisible to others.

Receiver in the Ear (ITE)

It is also one of the popular hearing aids in Rockdale that is modelled as the crossover between in-the-ear aids and BTE. It is best suited for hearing loss of mild to severe. It is one of the most popular hearing aids and is commonly suggested by most of the audiologist in Rockdale. The batteries are long-lasting and also come in rechargeable models. The only con it comes with it is more likely visible and maybe a little difficult for the people with glasses. But apart from this, this model is one of the best hearing aids models.