How to fix QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

QuickBooks errors code 80029c4a can happen for the duration of startup, shutdown, or while you're doing an application installation.

QuickBooks’ errors code 80029c4a can happen for the duration of a startup, shutdown, or while you’re doing an application installation. Furthermore, the user can encounter a pc crash which could make your windows sluggish and slow. Additionally, this may freeze your laptop and you would possibly experience various other signs. Further, this text will help you find out about the causes and rectify QuickBooks customer service with 5 special solutions. Furthermore, we are able to study the signs, causes, and solutions for this error. Optimistically, by way of the stop of the thing, your problem must be resolved.

Symptoms for QuickBooks errors 80029c4a:

Appearance-out for the signs and symptoms referred to under as they could ultimately result in QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a.


  • An energetic application Window crash.
  • Home windows running slowly.
  • The home window’s response to mouse or keyboard is sluggish.
  • Regularly, the pc freezes for a few seconds.
  • QuickBooks’ error codes 80029c4a appear at some point in home windows operating system installation, system startup or close down.
  • Laptop crashes often with QuickBooks errors 80029c4a on your display screen.


Reasons of the QuickBooks error code 80029c4a (loading type library/DLL)

Indexed under  are the various reasons that can result in the occurrence of QuickBooks errors Code 80029c4a:


  • A corrupt/missing QuickBooks desktop file.
  • Wrong/ Incomplete QuickBooks installation.
  • Corrupt home windows registry
  • Corrupted program documents or home windows device files.
  • A Trojan horse has priorly deleted QuickBooks related files
  • Anti-virus inflicting the problem.


Note:  you could sometimes resolve such an error by restarting your laptop. Moreover, restarting all computers getting access to the file in multi user mode  or perhaps reinstalling QuickBooks can also resolve the trouble. 


Solutions of  QuickBooks errors 80029c4a:

Let’s have a quick observe the steps  to solve QuickBooks errors 80029c4a

Solutions 1: A ‘clean install’ of the QuickBooks software program-

As noted in the errors pop up, try to ‘Reinstall’ QuickBooks software. But, we recommended that you search for possible updates earlier than you uninstall or reinstall QuickBooks software. Likewise, this entire manner is called QuickBooks clean installation and must be executed with no errors to correct the error.

Observe the under-cited steps to clean install QuickBooks software program-

Go to begin > search for control Panel > select Control Panel from the displayed results  > go to program > QuickBooks > choose the desired options according to the scenario.

Solution 2: Perform windows repair

Repairing home windows can be some other manner of correcting this error. Follow the below steps and check it if the problem is corrected before moving on to the following solutions.


  • First off, shutdown QuickBooks
  • Secondly, click at the windows Button
  • Now Open control Panel
  • Choose Uninstall or change program
  • Select QuickBooks from the programs listing
  • Click Uninstall/exchange option
  • Now, click next inside the QuickBooks installation Window
  • Press ‘next’ and select ‘repair radio button’
  • Press ‘repair button’ that’s at the lowest
  • Click on ‘end’, as soon as the repair system is completed.
  • The QuickBooks trouble needs to be resolved by using now. You could check this by opening your QuickBooks.


Solution 3: Check your firewall settings and administrative permissions-

Either close your firewall settings off for time being or whitelist QuickBooks (upload it to exceptions setting).

Solution 4: Scan your computer for possible malware or virus attack-

This could show to be a critical problem, in the end, therefore take safety measures, and resolve this as quickly as possible by appearing a ‘scan’.


  • Use home windows virus and threat safety for the possible virus, malware or trojan attacks.
  • You can also use your externally installed antivirus software to locate and solve possible virus attacks.
  • Quickbooks Online login


Solution 5: Run Reboot.Bat


  • Shutdown QuickBooks computer
  • Open the folder with Reboot.Bat file
  • Now right click on QuickBooks Desktop icon and select ‘properties’
  • Click ‘Open file location’
  • Right-click the ‘Reboot.Bat file’ & choose ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Run ‘Reboot.Bat’ as home windows administrator
  • You’ll see a report ‘Reboot.Bat or reboot’ depending on the Windows Folder options settings
  • Restart the pc.