The kitchen is the most popular place in the apartment where the whole family gathers to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this room, every housewife spends a quarter of her life, so it should be as functional, comfortable, cozy, convenient, and beautiful. Not only a kitchen, but there is a bathroom too that needs to look great. With the bathroom warehouse in Castle hillyou will find the best accessories for your bathroom.

All about kitchen renovations

The kitchen is the most functional place in the apartment, which usually has a small area. It is vital to conveniently and rationally arrange furniture and appliances. The kitchen is generally cold. Thus, furniture must be moisture resistant.

Starting the renovation, you need to think through all the details so that in the end, the kitchen will be functional and convenient. For a kitchen renovation, we usually plan first. The furniture and appliances, the color, and the additional accessories necessary for a harmonious interior are taken into account.

Here you should consider what kind of work you plan to carry out. It can be redecorated with replacing the ceiling and walls, or you can perform a major reconstruction, which provides for a complete renovation of the room. When planning a new interior for the kitchen, be sure to consider the main rule of this room.

Before starting repairs, the designer develops a model of the future kitchen, which will help to see the result even before the start of work.

Next, all the necessary materials are calculated. It is better to resort to specialists who will help think over the placement of electrical wiring, outlets, and water supply. Then follows one of the most challenging stages – removing the previous wall, floor, and ceiling coverings, and dismantling old parts.

Next, the window system is replaced, if necessary. Based on a preliminary drawing, all communications are carried out; partitions are mounted, walls, ceiling, and floor are aligned, which are subsequently decorated with selected finishing materials.

The kitchen, like the bathroom, is a room with high humidity, and surfaces do attract soot and fat. Therefore, a variety of coatings and surfaces of walls and ceilings should be made of moisture-resistant materials. Finally, the kitchen is the only room in the apartment in which furniture must be selected before the start of repairs. 

First of all, prepare a design. It is especially essential to entrust this task to a professional designer. When undertaking the development of a project, they need to be known and not learned from their own experience. The kitchen equipment and furniture that we choose should fit correctly into the future kitchen. 

The dimensions of the furniture for the kitchen must be known at the very beginning of the repair work to understand how the filled and free space will be. For high furniture and appliances, the most suitable place is in the working area. If the length of the working area does not allow placing the sink, cutting table, stove, refrigerator, then think about changing the layout of the zone to a corner.