Breathtaking Services Offered By Fumigated Pallets For Export

Companies that do a lot of international business are very familiar with the benefits of fumigated pallets for export. These specially fumigated pallets are aimed at reducing insect infestation needed to comply with international export standards. In addition to being mandatory for exports, fumigated pallets are also less susceptible to wood rot and other problems due to their lower moisture content.

In addition to these advantages, however, there is a higher price tag and a challenge to maintain a fleet of certified fumigated pallets. The extra time it takes for such pallets to be made means that they can be challenging to obtain in adequate quantities, and suppliers will also call their prices when demand exceeds supply. Companies that rely exclusively on domestic shipping avoid them because they cannot justify the cost. However, there is an option for those searching for a pallet that provides the advantages of fumigated pallets.

Benefits Of Fumigated Pallets  

There are several ways to complete fumigated pallets for wood pallets and other wood packaging materials, but each process usually requires three primary stages. Second, the wood is debarked. It is then put in an enclosed area and heated to a temperature of at least 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 30 minutes. Upon finishing, the wood shall be labelled with a unique stamp indicating that internationally acceptable requirements have performed the fumigation. Pallets handled with this process are superior to regular pallets of wood for many reasons.

Exports Compliance  

The International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging, also known as ISPM-15, allows wood packaging to be fumigated before shipment to foreign countries to minimize pest infestation risk. Such requirements have been designed to mitigate the risk that an infested pallet will introduce an invasive species into an environment that cannot sustain it.

Decreased Weight

The average wood pallet weight is between 30 and 80 pounds, with more sturdy pallets weighing more as they use more wood. Fumigated pallets extract moisture from fresh wood, which lightens the pallet. Although fumigated pallets for export do not result in a significant weight loss, when a lot of pallets are transported at once, weight savings will add up, resulting in lower fuel consumption for loads that cube out and more for each load that weighs out.

Lower Risk of Mold and Bacterial Growth

Wood is a porous material that absorbs moisture. This can make it a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, as the pallet holds on to the moisture it experiences while in use. The mold and bacterial growth on the pallet’s surface may also be passed to the pallet-bearing goods. Fumigated pallets allow the wood to become more resistant to water and mould and bacteria, which decreases the risk of contamination of the product and the refusal of load due to unsanitary conditions.

All the benefits of fumigated pallets for export and several other benefits — can be contained in plastic pallets. These ready-to-export pallets help the company’s overall business cost without extra care and advanced stamps. Plastic pallets are also more cost-effective when leased from a pallet pool company.