Things You Need To Know About Water Jet Cutting Services

water jet cutting

There is no doubt that water jet cutting machines are of great use. However, they can only offer the right solution provided they are maintained on a regular basis. Talking about water jet maintenance, the price can go up and which eventually would involve more new machines. There are unexpected downtimes due to the lack of maintenance which eventually can result in more prices for the owners to pay. That is why it is important for the owners to consider the cost as a primary factor which is associated with maintenance to remain profitable. There are different water jet cutting services with regards to high-pressure delivery lines, abrasive-feeding apparatus, pneumatic valves, and cutting head to name some.


water jet cutting

The biggest price factor

Water jet machines are quite susceptible to easy destruction within themselves. With the blend of 50,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), water pressure along with an abrasive and another system part which gets in contact with any of the elements needs to be either replaced or repaired at a certain point. The typical price for the smooth operation of a water jet can include the price of the operator, machine and even the overhead which can be nearly $85 per hour. Now you may wonder why possible should water jet cutting services be of prime importance. Well, here are a few things.


Hourly price increases

If the water jet is not maintained on time then the hourly price will increase. Since it requires regular maintenance, you must focus on changing the nozzle parts on a regular basis. You may also have to change the pumping parts but if they are fine then it is okay. You must keep an eye on certain important parts and should even have spares handy so that in case your machine starts showing some problem you don’t have to wait for the expert to come.

water jet cutting


Keep note if the pressure is high at which the jet runs and the cycles are often on and off then there are high chances for maintaining it. Besides hard water or say dirty water can also increase the chances for you to maintain the water jet cutting services often. Failing to do that will increase your risk to buy a new filtration system.

Water jet cutting services for reducing maintenance

Things that you read above were just basic guidelines on why and when you might have to maintain, basically, to reduce the price for maintenance, you must:

Start with cleaning water

If you find particles in the water or there are some dissolved minerals then you must focus on that. Accumulated in high-pressure components can affect the water pace and increase the wear and tear. At times, dirt in high pressure can be like bullets which would crack the jewel. The quality of the water has a strong impact on maintenance frequency. If water is better it means the maintenance is not much needed and this way your time and money will be saved too.

Always remember tiny dirt bits can give your water jet a devastating effect. To ensure it your water jet works well even in a harsh environment, you have to be extra vigilant to keep all things clean with regards to water jet cutting services.