What Must Be Considered During Bathroom Renovation?

bathroom renovation

Renovating a bathroom requires a lot of professionalism and experience, otherwise, it can be a disaster for the homeowner. Renovation of a bathroom involves a lot of work in various directions, which can only be performed by a qualified specialist. Bathroom renovation specialists in Sydney will come to your aid once you think of repair.

A functional and beautiful bathroom – how to create one?

Changes to the bathroom include major construction work. The design change is not limited to just refreshing the interior. Very often we change the location of plumbing, lay new tiles, and also add equipment and furniture.

What must be considered during bathroom renovation? 

Bathroom features

If we do not have a separate room dedicated to the laundry, it is necessary to take into account the needs for the washing and placement of the washing machine, as well as a dryer or laundry basket.

Dressing table- Every woman needs a suitable place to take care of her appearance. If it can be set up in a bathroom, you need to think about proper lighting, a large mirror, and shelves that will hold all the necessary cosmetics. For the final result of a bathroom renovation to satisfy everyone, there are several important details to keep in mind. Taking them into account already at the design stage, you can create a completely functional interior.


Bathroom lighting must be adapted to the needs of all functional areas. The most important place for women is the mirror. It is best to install two bulbs on either side of the mirror. The distance between the luminaires should be between 60 and 75 cm. Height is also important. When illuminating the place in front of the mirror, the light should be at face level – about 160 centimetres from the floor. It is best to choose lamps that give a warm and soft light.

Overhead lighting should be designed to cast as little shadow as possible on the face, making it easier to carry out everyday activities like makeup or skincare. The most commonly used solution is the placement of multiple LED lamps mounted in a suspended ceiling.

Moisture protection

During a bathroom renovation, ensure that you use materials that are resistant to moisture. The choice of finishing materials can be done not only by the tastes of the owners and functionality but also by the type of heating. In addition to the options for placing heaters in parallel or inside walls, floor heating is now a popular solution, which is increasingly used in cottages and private houses. This type of thermal installation ensures an even distribution of temperature throughout the room while guaranteeing not only pleasant sensations for bare feet but also effective removal of excess moisture.

Bath or shower

A long bliss in hot water or a quick and refreshing shower? Each method has its supporters and opponents. Unfortunately, most often the choice between a bathroom and a shower is not determined by the preferences of the household, but rather by the interior possibilities.

Bathroom renovation services in Sydney are what to look for when you want a classic bathroom.