Top Materials Trend Going on for Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

bathroom renovation

If you are planning for a bathroom renovation, then it is really very important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends going on. For many of us, the bathroom is a secret or personal place. It is the place where we begin every single day. So don’t you think the start of the morning should be a perfect one? If yes, then you must start searching for a professional bathroom renovation company in Sydney

There are so many companies in Sydney offering the top best Bathroom renovations services, which will surely give a beautiful makeover or stylish look to the bathroom as per the latest trends. 

One material renovation

One of the famous bathroom trends is going to come from the eighties and will make a comeback this year which uses ‘one material’ all over the area. When it is done well, this trend for bathroom renovations can transform your bathroom into a special and impactful place in your house. As the name goes, this trend will use one material for the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling along with the walls.

Though tile is the very commonly used material for these trends of the bathroom, you just need to select any material that makes you feel attracted, like plaster or concrete.


The use of a mirror in the Bathroom looks standard and can be said as a ‘must-have thing’ which can be easily included in any of the remodelling projects. As the number of bathrooms is designed with continuous straight lines – hanging the mirror in unusual shapes and designs plays to the affordable, playful and attainable bathroom trends which can provide your space with a new fresh look without any decided budget.

Round or interestingly shaped mirrors can continue to be the most popular trend for Bathroom renovations in Sydney.


To use marble for bathroom remodelling, then it will be really the perennial trend that will continue to stay as one of the most famous trends for bathroom renovation for a long time period. We have already seen the dramatic uses of the marble according to renovation experts from floor to ceiling.

It may not be a cost-effective choice, yet this is the lifelong bathroom trend that will make your bathroom stand first among others and raise the property value.

Marble is also known as – 

  • The durable material which lasts long.
  • It can be useful with many variations in colours and patterns
  • The flexible and first choice of all.

What all things to keep in mind while going for the Bathroom renovations services in Sydney?

  • Designers suggest avoiding so many variations on tiling as they are no longer in the latest trends.
  • It will create the look of the space like chaos.
  • It is advised to go monochrome that is as simple and decent as that.