Know About The Applications of Waterproofing Membranes


Have you been considering the waterproofing specification expert but not really sure what should be seen then this post can be of great help to you? To select the right waterproof member is important. The focus of this option is for resisting the hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is released by the moisture in liquid form. It can be seen in plastic, coated fabric and even rubber material. The material which is used in this system can protect the water from entering the roof, foundation and even the building when you install it well.

Different applications of the waterproof membrane

Exterior Side

Talking further about the application, the Waterproof Membrane exterior area means, the surface is the positive one of the structures. You can apply it above, below and even to the surface of the grade. It gives more of the wet feeling since the weather condition and soil surrounding can be the reasons. It is an important part of the construction as it protects the infiltration of the moisture at the same time building components as well. This means steel and concrete are some fine examples that get better protection from it. 

It is possible to use it as the seal foundation. It is available in the liquid form as well and even as the vapour barrier. The only issue with this proofing is that it cannot be accessed after a waterproofing specification expert applies it.

 Interior Side

This is the negative side of this application which is applied as the name suggests to the interior side of the structure. The purpose of using this application is to make sure that it doesn’t allow the water to enter inside. It is usually applied to the structure. It can be used for holding the water from entering the space. But not from entering the substrate. The material used for such an application we made enough to stand the pressure. It is often used for the epoxy injection and coatings as well. The best part is it can be accessed after repairs installation.

However, it allows moisture which in one way can be a problem too as the moisture can activate the curing of the concrete while ensuring the corrosion risk also increases. For the freeze-thaw cycle you cannot use it.

Blind Side: This type of waterproofing is the difficult one for the application. You can use it when the waterproofing cannot be applied after the structure of the wall is poured. This type of solution is applied before the concrete structure gets mixed well. Mostly it is used over the soil retention and can be used for tunnels or jobs that need high density.

Where is Waterproof Membrane?

The location of the Waterproof Membrane entirely depends on the requirements and the structure of the area. Your waterproofing specification expert can guide you on this. But its application is usually made to the interior which can be repaired or during the exterior area or in those areas that people cannot access so easily.