How to Effectively Care For Plantation Shutters?

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment. Not only do they provide a home with elegance, but they help save on energy costs and increase the resale value. Whether they are genuine wood or faux plantation shutters, they will last for many years if they are well made. It is important to have proper care, but luckily this care is reasonably simple.

Plantation shutters in Wollongong are a smart investment, but they are tall, so you want them to look their best. Keeping them clean is a vital part of the maintenance of indoor shutters for plantations. Otherwise, dust and dirt will build up and kill the sheen. To keep dust and dirt from building up, daily dusting and cleaning are necessary.

 Cleaning Real Wood Plantation Shutters

 If well painted with a high-quality finish, real wood plantation shutters are as simple to clean as faux wood shutters but do not use water that can weaken or warp wood. Spray a wood-polished dust cloth at least once a month, and dust the shutters thoroughly. If there are tiny grooves or crevices in your shutters that accumulate dust and dirt, gently spray a toothbrush with spray polish and use it to clean areas that are hard to reach.

Cleaning Faux Plantation Shutters

Any vinyl is made out of most faux plantation shutters. At least once a week, indoor vinyl shutters should be dusted. The soft brush attachment can be used on your vacuum cleaner hose. Tilt the slats up and vacuum them gently. Turn them down then, and do the same. Do not forget about the shutters’ tops and bottoms.

A major benefit over the real wood variety of indoor faux plantation shutters is that they can be used in kitchens and bathrooms to be exposed to heat and moisture. However, shutters can attract debris from hair spray, grease, and other stuff that can stick to them in these spaces. These might require cleaning a little bit more. A solution of one teaspoon of dish soap and one gallon of hot water can be made. Wet the solution with a towel and wring it out well. Then wipe the shutters down when in the closed position on both sides. Rinse the cloth as appropriate and proceed until it is clean. Again, don’t forget to use a clean, soft cloth to dry them.

Handle with Care

Quality shutters are enduring, but with them, you do need to be gentle. Twist the rod gently while opening and closing the slats. If you are going to open the shutters to the side, make sure they are clamped, and they are not going to bang against the wall. That, not to mention the wall, will damage the structure.

Consulting the plantation shutter manufacturers in Wollongong is the best way to ensure that you have the right treatment for your shutters. Call the manufacturer or search their website for information about what they are made of and for instructions on proper care to maintain your window coverings’ life and appearance if you do not have the paperwork that came with the shutters.