The Best Vanity Ideas For Small Bathrooms

bathroom vanities

Are you thinking to transform your bathroom to make it look bigger and more spacious? Here’s the good news, you can do it with the help of bathroom vanities available in Wollongong! All it takes is unique and creative thinking to get your bathroom remodelled into one that is trendy and classy. Cramping up your bathroom with too much stuff can make it look smaller, and that is the last thing you would want.

  • Colour combinations

 Experiment with different paint colour combinations and decide on a specific theme before you begin remodelling your bathroom. Choose whether you want a lighter, bolder, or dark appearance. The paint should match the rest of the bathroom. Make sure that the paint compliments the designs and bathroom vanities in Wollongong that you have in mind. Lighter paint colours will make your bathroom appear airier, spacious, and bright. On the other hand, dark colours will give your bathroom a bold, rustic, traditional style. 

  • Bathroom to appear bigger

With the right bathroom accessories, you can make even the smallest spaces appear spacious and bigger. It depends on the cabinet and storage facilities, sink, bath space, and more. Avoid settling for large cabinets and vanity sets that will make the space look and feel cramped. When installing bathroom vanity pieces, leave open spaces beneath them by attaching it to a wall. This creates more floor space and makes the room spacious.

  • Vanity sizes 

Bathroom vanities come in various sizes and are available in the market.  In the case of small bathrooms, a single vanity is more than sufficient as their needs to be sufficient space for other bathroom fixtures and accessories. The best solution lies in opting standard bathroom vanity sizes that do not go further than 48 inches.

  • Place of installation of the vanity set

Within a small, confined space, the location of the vanity set is of prime importance. It is ideal for placing them in the corner in such spaces as it does not take up too much space and hinder free movement.  It also eliminates the extra spaces needed around the vanity, taking up most of the precious bathroom space that you need. 

  • Wide and open storage facilities

Avoid using bathroom vanity sets that are narrow and closed as they do not provide sufficient space to store your bathroom necessities and supplies. Bathroom vanity storage that is wide and open creates a breezy feeling to your bathroom and gives it a stylish look. Arrange the bathroom supplies and other requirements neatly on the open storage spaces.

  • Size of the mirror

 The next important aspect to consider is the size of the mirror that you wish to set up on your bathroom wall. The size of the mirror that you choose can also play a major role in making a bathroom appear small or big.  For small bathrooms, the perfect option of the mirror size lies in the larger ones as it creates a wider reflection and gives it a personalized style.