How To DIY Timber Flooring?

timber flooring st marys

Timber flooring is one of the options for arranging the backyard territory. In order to make such a garden flooring with your own hands, you will need boards of a certain section, elements for fastening the structure and an antiseptic for processing the platform. The timber flooring made of wood on the site can be of various configurations – when arranging it, the owner can show all his imagination.

Configuration of flooring on the ground 

Although the terrace is usually located next to the house, it is possible to make an attractive small summer cottage flooring in wood and in a quiet corner of the garden between fruit or ornamental shrubs. There it will be nice to spend time with friends over evening tea or just sit in silence with a book. Such dacha floorings remote from the dwelling are called platforms. They can be located around trees or next to boulders, or even just out of the blue. The main thing is that you can always sit comfortably on these sites by placing a table and chairs. The platforms are attractive because of their shape and coating.

Timber flooring in St Mary’s. The fact is that initially the decks were made exclusively of teak, like the decks of ships. Generally, the more intricate the design of the wooden garden deck, the more complex the base of the platform should be. For a diagonal pattern, a more frequent installation of the logs is required, and for more complex types of patterns, double logs are required with an interval between them, allowing you to nail the end board. The span between the supports also depends on the thickness of the deck boards and their quality.

Laying wooden flooring 

Depending on the selected material, the timber flooring from the boards is fixed on the street to the logs with nails, screws (self-tapping screws) or special clamps. Fastening with nails is the fastest and cheapest, but the screws hold better. To strengthen the fastening, in addition to nails or screws, you can use construction glue, which is previously applied to the logs with a gun. But keep in mind: once the glue has set, you will not be able to move the boards, and later this will make repairs more difficult if the timber flooring is damaged.

When attaching boards with nails, it is better to hammer them in by hand. A pneumatic gun, of course, works faster, but it drives nails too deep, especially into softwood, like pine, which is most often used for such purposes. Screws are screwed in with a screwdriver or electric drill with an appropriate attachment..

To make the timber flooring, start fixing by mounting the board against the wall of the house, leaving a 3 mm gap between them, or on one of the far sides of the platform. Lay planks to the full length of the deck, preferably with the convex side of the annual rings facing up to minimize cracking and lateral warping.

Having a timber floor at your home in St Mary’s is one of the best things you could have to give your home an incredible look.